VMware Placement Papers

VMware Placement Papers with Solutions

On our website you will find all the VMware Previous papers with solutions. The level of difficulty of VMware Placement Papers as observed from the previous year questions, the test is of high difficulty. It is suggested for VMware Online Test Questions that you study from our website, we have all  VMware previous questions and answers here. We also have VMware test papers and model question papers.

Note – If you have any question regarding the exam, comment at the end of the page we will answer within 10 mins.

VMware Online Test Questions

vmware Placement papers and paper pattern analysis

Click here to visit VMware Quantitative Ability Paper Section

VMware Previous Questions and Solutions: Quants

  1. Number of Questions – 10 Questions
  2. Time – 15 mins
  3. Cut off – 70%ile

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VMWare Placement Questions with Solutions : Technical Questions

Visit our Technical Dashboard here-

Vmware Online Test Papers with Answers from Written Test Papers for Placements

Click here to visit Vmware Computer Programming and Technical Dashboard

VMware previous papers and previous year questions

Click here to visit Vmware Computer Programming and Technical Dashboard

VMware Coding Dashboard

VMware Paper Pattern Syllabus and Paper Analysis

VMware Online Test Questions SectionNumber of QuestionsTotal Marks per QuestionTime for SectionDifficulty
VMware Aptitude10115 minsMedium
Computer Science12130 minsHigh
Computer Programming15115 minsMedium
Coding13030 minsHigh

You can check the detailed Syllabus for VMware on our VMware Written Test Syllabus Dashboard here.

You should keep in mind the following while giving the test which conducted by HirePro.

  • Auto-Proctored Test( Audio and Video are recorded)
  • No Addons(Skype, Calculator etc)
  • Auto-Logout if tabs switched more than 2 times.

Here is the pattern of the paper for VMware –

CS/IT -Aptitude Section + Technical Section.

  • Quants
    • Questions – 10
    • Time – 15 mins
  • Computer Science
    • Questions – 12
    • Time – 30 mins
  • Programming MCQ
    • Questions – 15
    • Time – 15 mins
  • Coding
    • Questions – 1
    • Time – 30 mins

VMware Placement Papers with Answers based FAQ’s

Ques. Which company conducts the first round of VMware Placement Papers?

Ans. HirePro has been conducting the VMware Placement Papers and answers, you can study for the test from our VMware test papers and VMware previous papers.

Ques. How much time is sufficient for preparation of vmware online test questions?

Ans. We think about 2 – 4 days must be enough for the preparation of the aptitude round.

Click here to visit Vmware English Verbal Ability Paper Section

VMware Questions from Previous years: English Verbal (Not Asked Anymore)

  1. Number of Questions – 12 Questions
  2. Time – 30 mins
  3. Cut off – 70%ile
VMware HirePro Pattern Syllabus and Placement Process

Click here to visit Vmware Data Interpretations Dashboard

VMware Previous Questions : Data Interpretations(Not Asked Anymore)

Number of Questions – (3×5=15)

Cut off – 75%ile

Click here to visit Vmware Logical Reasoning and Ability Paper Section

VMware Papers and Questions for Online Test : Logical Reasoning (Not Asked Anymore)

Number of Questions – 15

Cut off – 75%ile

This section will not be asked anymore

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