Microsoft Coding Questions

Microsoft Programming Questions for Automata Sections

Microsoft Programming Questions from previous year papers for CoCubes and Microsoft Coding Questions in the Programming Round of the Paper, CoCubes Coding Questions for Microsoft, Microsoft Coding Round questions, Microsoft Cocubes Coding Questions.

CoCubes Coding Questions for Microsoft

Microsoft Coding Questions

Microsoft Conducts its Coding Round via Cocubes thus you will only be having Cocubes Questions but for Microsoft these are generally tougher than usual CoCubes Coding Sections.

Microsoft Cocubes Coding Questions

Microsoft Programming Section based Pattern

Microsoft has two different types of campus hiring pattern both of them are mentioned below.

  • Number of Questions – 3 Coding Questions
  • Total Time – 75 mins

or if Aptitude rounds are also there in Campus then

  • Number of Questions – 2 Coding Questions
  • Total Time – 60 mins

Other Microsoft Coding Questions

  1. Program to check if a Binary tree is BST or note
  2. Find the Lowest Common Ancestor in a Binary Search Tree
  3. Program to check if a binary tree is height balanced or not
  4. Program Two Nodes of a BST are Swapped correct the BST
  5. Find maximum in binary tree
  6. Program to Connect nodes of a Tree at same level
  7. Find the Lowest Common Ancestor in a Binary Tree
  8. Add Two Numbers Represented by Linked Lists
  9. Detecting Loop in a Linked List

Microsoft Coding Round questions

Microsoft Coding QuestionsNumber of QuestionsCut offSuggested Time to Solve
Microsoft Cocubes Coding Questions Easy Difficulty1Comp. sol. or Partial Sol.15 mins
Medium Difficulty1Partial Sol. + 1 Comp. Sol for Easy
or Comp. Sol
30 mins
Medium – Hard Difficulty1Partial + Comp./Partial for other two
or Comp. Sol
30 mins

Coding Round based FAQ’s for Microsoft

Ques. Which company conducts this round for Microsoft?

Ans. CoCubes has been Conducting the Programming and even other sections for the first round of on campus or off campus hiring for MicroSoft. Thus you should prepare from here since these all are CoCubes based Questions.

Ques. Is the level of difficulty for Microsoft Cocubes Coding Questions same as that of general cocubes coding questions?

Ans. No, Microsoft Cocubes Coding Questions are tougher than general Cocubes Coding Questions.

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