How To Clear Infosys Written Test

How to clear Infosys Written Test 2021

How to clear Infosys Written Test 2021 is the most asked question among Freshers. This year you need to research more for this because the pattern is completely changed now. PrepInta provides you all the Tips and Shortcut method to clear Infosys Written Test 2021 For Freshers.

Go through the page in detailed to get updated Pattern of Infosys Placement Papers 2021 For Freshers. Get more practice question for Infosys by clicking on the button given below.
How to clear Infosys Written Test

How to clear Infosys Written Test 2021

Infoys sets a high difficulty level of  examination every year so you need to prepare well for Infosys drive.  PrepInsta recommends that you should at least prepare for 1-2 months for Infosys and solve as many questions as you can.

How to clear Infosys Written Test

Infosys follows 5 section in the online Written Test. Go through the table for a detailed knowledge on how to clear written Test for Infosys

TOPICSNo Of QuesTimeDifficulty
Mathematical Ability1035High
Reasoning Ability1525Medium
Verbal Ability2020Easy
Puzzle Solving419High

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Below you can find the topics for Infosys Written Test

Infosys Online Test is divided into few sections. Here is the detailed of each section for Infosys 2021 Preparation.

Section 1- Mathematical Ability

Percentages0 or 12 minsMedium
Data Interpretation0 or 11 min 15 secsMedium
Permutation and Combination11 min 10 secsHigh
Probability0 or 11 min 25 secsMedium
Areas, Shapes, Perimeter0 or 11 min 30 secsHigh
Speed Time and Distance / Boats and Streams11 min 25 secsMedium
Problem on Ages0 or 11 minMedium
Time and Work11 min 15 secsHigh
Profit and Loss | Mixtures, and Allegation11 min 15 secsHigh
Divisibility0 or 21 min 15 secsHigh
Number Decimal & Fractions0 or 11 min 15 secsHigh
Series and Progression0 or 12 min 30 secsHigh
LCM & HCF0 or 11 min 30 secsLow

Section 2- Reasoning Ability

Puzzle0 or 2HighHigh1 min
Arrangements0 or 1MediumHigh2 mins
Syllogisms0 or 1MediumHigh1 min 10 sec
Coding-Decoding0 or 2MediumHigh2 mins
Number series0 or 1HighMedium50 sec
Cryptarithmetic1 or 2Easy-mediumMedium1 min 30 sec
Clocks and Calendar0 or 1MediumHigh2 mins
Data Sufficiency0 or 2EasyHigh55 sec
Most logical choice0 or 1MediumHigh1 min
Logical Deduction0 or 2MediumMedium1 min 45 sec

Section 3- Verbal

Infosys Verbal Topics Questions Difficulty Importance Average Time
Reading Comprehension 1 – 2 Hard High 5 mins
Sentence Correction 2-3 Easy Medium 2 min 40 sec
Sentence selection 1-2 Medium Medium 1 min 50 sec
Sentence Completion 2-3 Easy Medium 2 min
Para Jumbles 0-2 Medium Medium 2 min 30 sec
One Word Substitution 0-2 Medium High 1 min 45 sec
Spotting error 0 – 3 Medium Medium 2 min 10 sec
Analogy 0-2 Medium Medium 1 min
Fill in the Blanks 0 – 2 Medium Medium 1 min 10 sec

Additional Information (FAQ's)

If the time finishes and I don’t click on submit, will the last question be marked as submitted?

Yes, Infosys Test has auto submit feature, where if you don’t submit the test, all your responses will be auto-submitted.

If I finish a section early, then can I switch the next section?

Yes, you can do that, if you finish one section early and want to move to the next section of the test. You can click on submit and next section will resume. But, additional time will not be given. For example, if you solved the last section 10 mins early in this case no extra 10 mins will be given to next section, you have to solve that in the allocated time itself.


Can i attend Infosys Interview twice in six month?

No,according to Infosys Policy a person applying for Job at Infosys should not have applied in last six month.


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