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Infosys Verbal English curriculum 2020-21

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Infosys Verbal Questions with Answers 2021

Student Interview Experience

Aditya Kaushik 20PPC007583 Capgemini(1)

Aditya Kaushik

The complete interview was divided into two steps:

  • Written Test
  • HR Interview

Written Test

When I began with the written test, it comprised of Quantitative, Verbal Ability, and Logical Reasoning. The candidates who secured maximum marks in the written test were able to qualify for the technical round. Each section of the written round was allotted with a specific time limit to the answer to the questions.

Quantitative Aptitude comprised 15 questions to be solved in a time frame of 25 minutes.
Logical Reasoning comprised of 10 questions to be solved in the time frame of 35 minutes.
Verbal English comprised of 40 questions to be solved in the time frame of 35 minutes.

I can say that overall, the paper was tricky yet straightforward. All the questions were practical and required excellent grammar and vocabulary to clear this round. Although the written test went well, it could have been better with some more concentration towards the question paper.

There was no negative marking for the online test, but there is a sectional cut-off. The overall level of Infosy's written test was fairly moderate. Only those who have cleared the online screening test sat for the next round. I made through this level and, the time came when I had to appear for the next round, i.e., HR Interview.

HR Interview

In the second round, I was expecting a lot of technical questions but the interviewer had more of HR questions.

With the outlook to impress the interviewer, I appeared for the round with a decent dress code. The interview round started with a few basic technical questions such as different between C and C++ and what is a null pointer? Later, the interview put general questions such as:

Tell me something about yourself?
Tell me your strengths and weaknesses?
Why should Infosys hire you?
Can you give me some details on the project you have done?
Why did you select IT?
The HR round was more about testing behavior and communication skills. Answering most of the questions with the desired confidence level, I got selected in the final round of the Infosys interview. I already went through and prepared for such questions at PrepInsta. It gave me the required idea before the arrival of the interview date. Apart from that, good analytical, communication and interpersonal skills proved as an added advantage for me.

Infosys Verbal English Topics Analytics 2020

Stats about Infosys Verbal

Number of Questions 20 Questions
Cutt Off 18 Questions
Importance High

Topic wise Analytics

Reading Comprehension No of Questions 1-2
Difficulty High
Importance High
Sentence Correction No of Questions 1-2
Difficulty High
Importance Medium
Sentence Selection No of Questions 2-3
Difficulty High
Importance Medium
Sentence Completion No of QuestionsvNo of Questions 1-2
Difficulty High
Importance Medium
Para Jumbles No of Questions 0-2
Difficulty Medium
Importance Medium
Spotting error No of Questions 0-2
Difficulty High
Importance Medium
Analogy No of QuestNo of QuestionsNo of Questionsions 0-3
Difficulty High
Importance Medium
Fill in the Blanks No of Questions 0-2
Difficulty Low
Importance Medium
One Word Substitution No of QuestionsNo of Questions 0-2
Difficulty Medium
Importance Medium

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