How To Solve Fill In The Blank Questions Quickly

How To Solve Fill In The Blank

Knowing how to solve Fill in the blank type questions will always help you in your exam because traditional fill in the blanks questions differ from the other question types because they demand recall skills.

Fill-in-the-blank-type questions require producing a concept and therefore, test learners’ knowledge of individual terms and concepts at a deeper level than recognition question types.

Fill-in-the-blank-type questions are really the only ones that require recall, making them a useful tool to assess the acquisition of knowledge.

How To Solve Fill in the blanks

How to Solve Fill in the Blank Questions

  • Read the given sentence:
    The first foremost step is to start by reading the given sentence carefully.

  • Try filling without looking at the options:
    Once you are done reading the sentence, try to fill the blank without looking at the options first. Once you have understood the context of the given sentence, determining the tone of the missing word becomes easy; whether the missing word is negative/positive, a fact, a phrase, an idiom, a meaning, etc.

  • Choose the best alternative from the options:
    Check the options and choose an alternative from them that can best replace the word that you had thought of initially.

  • Re-read the sentence:
    Place the option in the blank, re-read the sentence. If the sentence makes sense grammatically and logically, it means the word is right.

  • Elimination:
    Some sentences have more than one blank. In such cases, you can use the elimination technique to choose the right set of words. Place each set of words in the blanks and eliminate the ones that don’t make the sentence complete or don’t make it meaningful. The last option left after the elimination of others is probably the right answer.

How to Solve Fill in the Blank - Tips to speed up

  • Build a strong vocabulary and brush up on your grammar.
  • Read between the lines.
  • Practice the structure of the sentence
  • Learn new phrases, synonyms, antonyms, and idioms every day
  • Find intact meanings of sentences.
  • Practice more.
  • Notice pattern/syntax while reading (newspaper, magazines, novel, etc)
  • Practice forming sentences.

Type 1: Single Blank 

Question. 1

Aloe vera has _______qualities, and in many clinical trials, doctors have cured many skin disease by asking their patients to apply Aloe vera gel on the allergic area.


A.  Remedial
B.  Flavoring
C.  Inferior
D.  Doubtful

Correct Option: A


Since the above sentence has a positive connotation, hence we need a positive word, and flavoring does not go with the sentence structure, and inferior and doubtful are negative words. Therefore option A is the correct one.

Question. 2

Although their law firm had settled many disputes, the past experiences ——- them to be optimistic, expecting that the talks would be a success.


A.  Rash
B.  Ambivalent
C.  Scornful
D.  Restrained

Correct Option: D


Here the keyword is “Although” which shows a contrast between what has occurred that is a success on some issues and what can be expected to occur. Hence the correct option is (D)

Question. 3

Since there were limited eligible candidates for the post, the manager had no choice but to ……….


A.  Object
B.  Abdicate
C.  Abstain
D.  Compromise

Correct Option: D


Here since Compromise word will fill the blank, as other words do not go with the sentence frame.

Hence the correct option is D.


Type 2: Multiple Blanks


Question. 1

Jacob was not  ____ by the bullying and paid no——-on the comments that were passed on him.


A.  affected, attention
B.  troubled, concentrate
C.  contended, frustrated
D.  feared, Weightage

Correct Option: A

Her words affected and weight will be used, as other options do not go with the sentence frame.

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