Rules For Sentence Improvement And Construction

Rule for Sentence Improvement & Construction


Sentence improvement and construction tests are intended to check your knowledge of English grammar. Under this a variety of English verbs, modals, tenses, conjunctions, prepositions, articles and suppositories questions will be asked.  

In the questions, you will find that there will be a sentence with a phrase or word or a clause which will be in a bold or underlined. Four to five options will be present following to that. What all you need to do is to replace the underlined or bold word with an option so that the sentence becomes free of any grammatical mistakes.

The sentence improvement and construction techniques mainly check correctness and effectiveness of sentences. While choosing the answers you should have enough knowledge of standard written English. You have to select that answer which is clear, without any ambiguity or redundancy. In other words student’s proficiency in English grammar, selection of words, and construction style matters a lot to have excelled in this topic.

From this section few types of questions are asked in the examinations. These types are mentioned below:

Type 1. Subject-Verb Agreement:

Under this if the subject in the sentence is in the singular form then the verb will also be singular form and if the subject is in the plural form then the verb will also be in a plural form.

Type 2. Changer/Modifier:

These are the words or phrases which changes the given words in the question.

Type 3. Parallel Elements

It says that same ideas should be presented in the same grammatical form.

Type 4. Redundancy: 

As per the rules of redundancy any idea should not be repeated again and again. Repeated words should be avoided to make sentence clear.

Type 5. Pronoun Reference Error

In pronoun reference use of pronoun is made at the noun’s place.

Type 6. Wording

A wrong use of word may make the whole sentence wrong. Hence selection of right word at right place is very important.

For better understanding few diction examples are given below. Try to practice these and other diction words available on internet to clear all the doubts related to this topic.

rules for sentence improvement and construction



sentence improvement and construction rules

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