How To Solve Selecting Words Quickly

How To Solve Selecting Words Quickly

How To Solve Selecting Words Quickly is given here on this page!!

Selecting Words is a component of the verbal reasoning section and is commonly asked topic in the Placement. Go through the page to have a detailed idea of How to Solve Selecting Words Questions Quickly-

In selecting words there will be a few sentences or questions that are missing a few words or at least one word. The main aim to include selecting words is to check your vocabulary.

There are few points you need to keep in mind while solving Selecting Words:

  • Understand the Sentence
  • Positive and Negative meaning of word
  • Structure Words
  • Work on your Vocabulary
  • Elimination of Words
how to solve selecting words

How To Solve Selecting Words Quickly

Mentioned below are the key pointers one should keep in mind while solving Selection words:

  • Understand the sentence

Before solving the questions, first understand the sentence carefully. Even if you know the definitions of the words, you CANNOT crack the question if you can’t dissect a sentence to discover out what matches best. We need to break down the sentences properly and expand our vocabulary. 

  • Positive and Negative meaning of Word

After you’ve finished reading the text, use the + (positive) or – (negative) sign to indicate the type of word you’re looking for.

  • Structure Words

Look for terms like but, instead, though, therefore, and while, but, hence. These words indicate the sentence structure and the hint-blank relationship.

  • Work on your vocabulary:

Improving your vocabulary and usage can help you perform better because the meaning of the words can assist you in finding the correct answer.

  • Elimination of Words

It should now be simple to eliminate the bad selections.
If you don’t understand the meanings of the options, don’t rule them out unless you’re certain they won’t work.
If you have any doubts, leave and come back after looking at the other options.

How to solve Selecting Words Quickly

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Check out some Selecting Words-related questions that will aid you in answering questions on placement exams.

Question 1.

The grapes in the vineyard had reached _____ and were ready to be plucked.

A.  Grown
B.  Mature
C.  Ripeness
D.  Good

Correct Option: C


Ripe is the word we use to describe fruits that are ready to eat. As a result, the correct sentence is that the vineyard’s grapes were mature enough to be picked.

Question 2.

Some people’s wealth does not imply that others are _____.

A.  Destitute
B.  Hampering
C.  Provoking
D. Exemption

Correct Option: A


Destitute refers to someone who is exceedingly poor and unable to support themselves.

Question 3.

The perfect book may inspire, _________ and delight.

A.  Fragile
B. Whisper
C.  Provoking
D. Enlighten

Correct Option: D


Give (someone) more knowledge and awareness about a subject or issue by enlightening them.

Question 4.

The ______ to succeed is the first component of success.

A.  Determination
B. Generous
C.  Mesmerizing
D. Truth

Correct Option: A


Determination refers to the quality of being determined; it also refers to the firmness with which one pursues one’s goals.

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