Tips And Tricks And Shortcuts To Solve Idioms And Phrases

Idioms and Phrases Tips and Tricks and Shortcuts:

Idioms can be described as cluster of words and phrases having a sort of figurative meaning. They are mostly used for the linguistic parts in the text.

A phrase can be explained as a small group of words formed as one unit and are spoken or written as it is. Phrases are not like idioms as they are in fact to the point and gives direct meaning.

  • Tip #1: –  Understand the Idioms and Phrase and don’t limit yourself  to meaning alone- Understand in which context the Idioms and Phrases are asked. This will help to understand quickly.

  • Tip #2: – Try to Relate the Idiom and Phrase with visual and real image- Try to visualize the image and correlate with your stories.

  • Tip #3: – Don’t try to merge it at once- Don’t try to learn, many idioms and phrases. Although trying to learn as many as possible is good idea.
tips and tricks to solve idioms and phrases

Tips and Tricks & Shortcuts For Idioms & Phrases

Idioms and phrases questions hold a predominant part in the questionnaires, especially of competitive examinations. And the only way to achieve and expertise in solving such questions is a continuous reading and exploring new phrases, jotting down the interesting and important one and memorizing such phrases regularly.

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Are a collection of words or phrases which have a figurative meaning that is generally well established and known.
For example, 

  • Penny for your thoughts – Asking someone what is on their minds.
  • A blessing in disguise – Something good that seemed bad earlier
  • Get out of hand – getting beyond control


Is a small group of words that are like a unit. These units are a part of a bigger sentence or a clause.
For example:- 

  • The children were giggling and laughing when the teacher left the room
  • Her best friend advised her to pull herself together and get back to work.
  • She said me to be careful while driving

Some Rules To Follow:

1. Continuous reading : 

The only way to get expertise in solving such type of questions is reading as many books as we can. Since reading not only entertains us but it is also a great way to exercise our brain.

2. Understand the meaning of each idioms and phrases: 

The next important thing is to not only learn new idioms and phrases but also to understand their meaning, exploring their origin and context in which they are generally used.

Meaning of some idioms:

  • Make a long story short – Tell something in brief
  • Wrap your head around something – Understand something that is complicated

Meaning of some phrases:

3. Jot down the ready reckoners (Most commonly used Idioms and words) for revision: 

Another easy trick to achieve expertise in appearing such questions is to just note down the widely used idioms or words or phrases with their respective meaning and revise them regularly.

Some commonly used idioms are:

  • To make matters worse
  • Time flies when you’re having fun
  • Better late than never

Some commonly used phrases are:

  • I beg to differ
  • I have zero tolerance for this untidiness
  • My sixth sense says that it’ll rain today.

4. Avoid cramming: 

Here the main focus should be on understanding the basic concept behind that particular Idiom or a word, avoid learning too many idioms at one go.

One should fix the number to 6-7 phrases per day. However one can also categorize the idioms having similar meaning/or themes, and accordingly memorize them section or theme wise.

5. Using visual imaginary: 

And the last and final tip is to use our visual imagination. Since most of the idioms have a fascinating history behind their origin. One should, not only explore the story behind their origin, but also relate them to certain images and link them to those stores. This is the best trick to memorize a wide range of idioms and phrases.

Below mentioned is an example for a better understanding of the tips and tricks to solve idioms and phrases:

General Question

Question 1.

One proverb/Idiom is mentioned below together with its meaning. Choose the correct meaning of that particular Idiom from the given options:

All in All


A.Each person
B.Every one
C.Call everyone at the same time
D.Most important

Correct Option: D
Explanation: All in all signifies the crux or the minutes of any meeting or the most important points of any discussion.

Hence option D is the correct one.