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Tips And Tricks And Shortcuts To Solve Antonym Questions

Antonyms Tips and Tricks and Shortcuts

Antonym means any word or phrase which means just the opposite of another word of the same language.

For example:

  • Alwaysintermittently, occasionally, periodically.
  • Tragedy – joy, delight, boon, prosperity, comedy.
  • Powerful – non-influential, insignificant, feeble, incompetent, helpless.

There are specific tricks to solve antonym questions, but you can also add habits like reading more and more books, with interest to learn new words and extracting the meaning out of them, to seamlessly solve them.

Antonyms and synonyms are types of questions that may be asked in the form of comprehension, contextual vocabulary, cloze test, inference and simple word meaning as well.

tips and tricks for antonyms

Simple Tips to Solve Antonym Questions:

Below mentioned are some tips to solve antonym questions, being asked in most of the competitive exams:

  • Firstly, bifurcate the word into two parts (suffix or prefix), and try to sense the meaning of the word, and figure out whether it has a negative or a positive or a neutral connotation.

  • Sort out the words from the options that have a negative impact and those which have a positive effect.

  • If we’re asked to find the opposite of a word that has a positive connotation, then its inverse will be that one word from the given options, which has a negative connotation.

  • Now even if we don’t know the meaning of any word from the option, we can narrow down the choices to almost half.

  • This tip is very beneficial in case of questions having several words whose meaning we do not know.

  • It is also suggested to practice regularly, and keep appearing for mock tests, for better performance in the main exams.


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Tips and Tricks of Antonym - Sample Questions

For better understanding the antonym questions are categorized into three sections which are mentioned below:

Type 1. Gradable Antonyms:

In this category, both words (that is. The word and it’s opposite) fall in the continuous cycle.

Question 1. 

Find the opposite of the below-mentioned word:


A.  Benevolent
B.  Ugly
C.  Alluring
D.  Bewitching

Correct Option: B


Beautiful is a positive word. Hence its opposite will be the word carrying a negative connotation. And it is evident by looking at the options, that ugly is the only word carrying a negative connotation. Otherwise, all the remaining options are positive.

Hence option B is the correct one.

Type 2. Complementary Antonyms:

In this category, both words (Ie. The word and it’s opposite) do not fall in the perpetual spectrum.

Question 1.

Find the antonym of below word:


A.  Stiff
B.  Departed
C.  Cold
D.  Alive

Correct option: D


The opposite of dead is alive. Hence option D is the correct one.

Since all the remaining options mean similar to the given word.

Type 3. Tips and Tricks and Shortcuts Relational Antonyms:

Such antonyms make sense only when they are read together.

Question 1. 

Find the antonym of the below word:


A.  Child
B.  Ancestors
C.  Creator
D.  Wellspring

Correct option: A


The opposite of a parent is a child. Hence option A is the correct one. Since all the remaining options nearly hold the same meaning to the given word.