Rules For Cloze Test

 Cloze Test Rules

The Rules for Cloze Test help us to understand the definite structure and a logical pattern to solve the questions. A Cloze test can be defined as the passage or sentence where some of the sentences are missing. Also, there is a chronological order to make or answer the cloze test questions which makes it easier to solve the questions because of a definite pattern.

rules for cloze test

Cloze Test Rules and Tips

1 – Read The Entire Passage Carefully

Keep in mind that the questions related to Cloze Test Passage are quite tricky. Each comprehension or paragraph contains its own uniformity as well as theme. Hence, your primary cloze test answering approach must always be to go through the whole text or comprehension carefully, at least for one time. Go through each line of the passage carefully, try not to rush through it and build a common idea regarding the cloze test paragraph. As soon as you gather a general idea, you can find the best choice appropriate for every fill in the blank simply.

2 – Read The Options Thoroughly

There are almost 4-5 options or choices available for the given blanks that helps you to choose a suitable answer for the blanks. It is very important to read through the options with care. Options might seem to be similar or alike and so choosing the right one takes time and patience.

3 – Choose the Right Word

Thoroughly read the passage and make up your mind about what all words could be possibly missing to fill the blank space. Think with the appropriate word that can fit in the context while reading slowly; grasping the meaning of each sentence. The answer could be from any of the components of speech – noun, pronoun, verb, preposition, conjunction, adjective, article.

To solve Cloze Test, red the rules for the followings:

4  – Maintain Readability

The main thing that you have to remember or understand while answering cloze test paragraph questions is keeping the original reliability as well as the tone of the text. Choose an answer that fits perfectly with the passage and also doesn’t change the tone or meaning of the passage.

5 – Consider The Tone Of The Passage

The cloze test passage is connected with a combination of nouns, articles, pronouns, adjectives and more. Find out the basic tone of the passage and pattern of the entire comprehension. Some of the common tones are:

  • narrative
  • descriptive
  • humorous
  • critical……………….etc.

6 – Avoid Repetition

Eliminating the options which are irrelevant and do not fit in the context is important to avoid repetition. Though the options might seem to be similar and confusing, it is important to filter out the options to reach to a definite answer.

7 – Find the Link

You can often find blanks that can have more than one suitable answer but what can help you here is finding a link to connect the options and sentence. For this the shortcut is to try all the suitable words by putting them in the sentence and then find the most appropriate answer. Linking the before and after word with the blank in between is always helpful.

8 – Find Keywords

Looking for specific keywords in the passage can help you figure out the main theme. This can eventually help you to choose a more appropriate word that matches or relates with the central theme and doesn’t stand in contrast to it.

9 – Know common Jargon used:

Jargon is the term used to describe a concept that is related to a particular field. These can also be termed as ‘lingo’ for a particular field.

For example:

Due diligence: A business term, “due diligence” refers to the research that should be done before making an important business decision.

10 – Re-read after completing

Once you have completed answering the question, it is necessary that you re-read the entire passage to see if the tone and context of the entire passage is comprehensive. Do not skip to the next question without proofreading the answer and passage.

11 – Practice As Much As Possible

Practice is the key to every problem. It is possible to get similar type of questions in your exams while practicing and solving workbooks, previous questionnaires or quizzes online and offline. Keep practicing to understand how a cloze test can be attempted without any fault.

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