Rules For Idioms And Phrases

Idoms and Phrases Rules

Idoms and Phrases Rules:

  • Idioms generally demonstrate behavior of human, reaction to certain thing, habits and traditions

  • An, idioms is a set of certain words which when used together, brings out a meaning which is entirely different from the meaning of each word when it is used individually.

  • The on other hand, Phrase is an term of Idioms, we can say synonyms of Idiom.

  • Which is a group of words which when used together, brings out a meaning which is entirely different from the definition of each word when it is used individually ?


Rules For Idioms And Phrases:-


For example: Being comfortable in (one’s) own skin


  • Idioms and phrases questions hold a predominant part in the questionnaires, especially of competitive examinations.

  • And the only way to achieve and expertise in solving such questions is a continuous reading and exploring new phrases, jotting down the interesting and important one and memorizing such phrases regularly.

  • However, there are a few tips and tricks which are discussed in the tips and tricks section mentioned in the continuing page, that can help address such questions.

idioms and phrases rules

Some Idioms and Phrases

S.NoIdioms & PhrasesMeaning
1To cut a sorry figureTo make a poor show
2With a high handOppressively
3Burn one’s fingersGet into trouble by interfering in other’s affairs
4Chip on your shoulderWhen someone is upset about something that happened a while ago
5Piece of cakeSomething that is easy to understand or do
6Golden handshakeA big sum of money given to a person when he/she leaves a company or retires
7Spill the beansTo disclose a secret
8Blessing in disguiseSomething good and useful that did not initially seem that way
9To be in the doldrumsTo be in low spirits
10Break the iceTo initiate a social conversation or interaction
11Hear it on grapevineTo hear rumors about something or someone
12Be on cloud nineBe very happy
13At the drop of a hatWillingness to do something instantly
14Afraid of one’s own shadowTo become easily frightened
15A house of cardsA poor plan
16To pour oil on troubled watersTo make peace
17Don’t put all your eggs in one basketDo not put all your resources in one basket (in one place or thing)
18Blow upTo explode
19Back UpTo support and sustain
20Back UponTo be relevant
21Break offTo end or discontinue
22Call forthTo provoke
23Call outTo shout
24Call uponTo order
25Carry onTo continue
26Cast awayTo throw aside
27Catch up withTo overtake
28Come offTo take place
29Cry DownTo make little of
30Catch up withTo overtake
31Cut outDesigned for
32Drop inTo Visit Casually
33Drop outTo fall
34Fall downFrom a higher position to a lower one
35Fall underTo come under
36Get alongTo Prosper; To Progress; To Proceed
37Get on withTo Live Pleasantly Together; To Progress
38Knock outTo win by hitting another one
39Keep something at bayKeep something away
40Out on a limbDo something risky

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