How To Solve Subject-Verb Agreement Questions Quickly

how to solve subject verb agreement question quickly

How To Solve Quickly Subject Verb Agreement Question:


  • Subject-verb agreement can be simply explained by saying that the subject must agree with the verb in term of number.
  • Solve Subject Verb Agreement on basic problem solving method

    RELATIVE PRONOUNS i.e whowhomwhosewhich AS SUBJECTS

How To Solve Subject-Verb Agreement:-

Relative Pronoun

Relative Pronoun depending upon predecessor can be singular or plural.

For Example-
Rohan success in the comapny was only due to the lion’s pride and perseverance, which have lasted throughout the years. (predecessor = pride and perseverance; plural)

Method to Solve the Subject Verb Agreement Question Quickly

You always need to rearrange the sentence to avoid this problem.

Example- Ram is one of the those boy who like to play football in the rain.

Re-write- Unlike other Ram like to play football in rain.

Here are some examples which can give insights about how to solve subject-verb agreement questions:

Type 1: General Questions

Question 1.

The cost of grocery these days ___ risen.

A.  Has
B.  Have
C.  Is
D.  Are

Correct Answer: A


The subject is singular that is a cost which is why “has” is the right answer.

Question 2.

He and his sister were carried by his father on his shoulders.

A.  His father carried his sister and him on his shoulders.
B.  On his father’s shoulders, he and his sister were carried.
C.  His father carried him and his sister on his shoulders.
D.  No change

Correct Sentence: A


The sentence is correct as the subject comes before the verb (father carried), also it uses “his sister and him” which is grammatically the right form.

Question 3.

Choose the right sentence:

A.  Each one of the pants have a pocket.
B.  Each one of the pants has a pocket

Correct Answer: B


‘Each one’ is an appositive that always takes singular form with it. Therefore, has is the correct choice.

Question 4.

Identify the error in the sentence:

This artist, along with some other, plays the guitar on stage.

A.  This artist
B.  Along with
C.  Other
D.  Plays

Correct Answer: C


The subject does not agree with verb here as the sentence use ‘along with’ were “others” should be used instead of “other.”

question on subject verb agreement solve quickly

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