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Rules For Para Jumbles

Para Jumble Rules:

The disordered sentences in the paragraph are known as Para-Jumble. All we need to do is arrangement of sentences in a right form so that clear paragraph can be designed. Many students assume by reading the topic name as we need to jumbled the paragraphs and feel skeptical to solve. However the case is different, here we need to make clear and meaningful paragraph by jumbling the sentences.

Further in the questions you will be having 6-8 sentences with a numbers or alphabets like 1,2,3,4,,6 or A,B,C,D,E & F, which needs to be arranged. A simple logic is enough to have mastery in this topic. One of the best approaches to reorder a sentence is by making pairs or couples.

Rules for para jumbles

Rules for Para Jumbles


Making couple is a very good practice in the Para jumbling questions. Couples are basically a type of pair in the whole arrangement which needs to be always together. Means these pairs cannot be separated. In all, there are total 6 kinds of couples which will surely assist you in understanding the concept and knowledge of recognizing the right answer.

  • NOUN PRONOUN HINT: The basic rule of noun and pronoun is that noun always comes first.  So, whenever there is a pronoun in the sentences, first thing is to fix the noun and then fix both the sentences together.
    One important thing which you should see here is the terms of gender and number. Meaning noun and pronoun should be in line with these terms.
  • CAUSE (REASON) – EFFECT (RESULT) HINT: In this you should check whether there is any cause and effect relationship among the two sentences. If the answer is yes then they will seem as one after the other.
    For example: “if and then”, “whenever”, “because”, “the cause is”, “when and then”, “the reason is” etc. are the words which represents cause and effect relationship. 

  • ACRONYM HINT/FULL FORM – SHORT FORMS: Out of all hints this one is very crucial as it uses both short forms and full forms. If there is full form as well as the short form exists in the sentences, then you need to first take the sentence with full form following with the sentence with abbreviation.

  • CHRONOLOGY HINT: Sometimes in the paragraph you will find questions with some events. These events will be about years, hours, months or some transition words. When, before, after, later are words which indicate timeline.
    You need to arrange these words in a chronological order to make correct paragraph.

  • COMMON SENTENCE TO SPECIFIC SENTENCE HINT: In the paragraph there will be some sentences with general description and few sentences with specific description.
    All you need to do is to put general sentence at first place following with the specific one. 

  • QUESTION – ANSWER HINT: In the paragraph there will be sentence with asking a question. There will also be a sentence which would be providing a solution of that.
    So a question asking sentence will come first to a solution providing sentence.