Rules For Synonyms And Antonyms

Synonyms and antonyms Rules

There are a number of tests and mock tests in which questions related to synonyms and antonyms can be found. Individuals find it difficult to identify the similar and opposite of the synonym and antonym, respectively. In the contemporary and highly educated world, mastering vocabulary skills is utterly important, and synonyms and antonyms are an utmost crucial part of it. Here are some key points which are required to mind while solving synonyms and antonyms related questions:

  • It is beneficial to familiarize yourself with tricky words which can potentially make you think its basic meaning as they are not commonly used in our everyday vocabulary.
  • Taking note of positively connoted words is important to answer from the given choices. It is probable to subordinate a negative or positive connoted term with nearly any given word. Try to distinguish whether every word in the subsequent list has a positive, negative, or neutral connotation. This will increase the chances of making the right choice.
  • Even if one is left with all the possible choices from the list of options, there are 50% chances of choosing the right option as one possibly ignores the word he or she is unaware of or does not fit in the context. Therefore, it is important to determine the meaning of the given words before making a choice.
  • Exclude answer options that denote no clear antonym. This practice only works on antonym problems.
  • Eliminate solution options that are near substitutes or synonyms. Recognizing synonyms within the available options could be valuable as it will allow you to slender your feasible choices. If two of the available options have close to similar connotations, then the right response is too vague. As a result, it is likely to remove these options.
  • When breaking the word into suffix and prefix, try to associate with a similar or identical word known to you. This also includes getting intuitions about negatively and positively charged words.
  • Sometimes there are questions in the examination that attempt to trick you by giving the near to similar answers or options in the list for the given word. In this case, it is important to make your mind for which suits in the actual context and why. This will help you in making a clear identification.

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Synonyms and Antonyms Rules