Rules For Paragraph Ordering

Paragraph Ordering : Rules


Paragraph ordering is way to arrange the arrange the paragraph in Logical order.
For example, paragraph can be arranged in sequence and time.In another sentence, are arranged in least to high important sequence or may be this sequence can be vice versa.

Rule- Choose the option wisely in paragraph ordering and try to eliminate.Putting paragraphs is not an easy task and requires critical thinking skills for addressing such questions.

Here are some rules which needs to be followed before attempting the same.
rules for paragraph ordering

Rules for Paragraph Ordering

Here are few Rules you need to follow while solving Passage Ordering Questions, go through them in detailed:

  • Understand the Topic
  • Find the leading sentence
  • Linking of the paragraph
  • Connecting Words
  • Sequential Paragraphs
  • Arrangement of Paragraph

Rules For Paragraph Ordering:-

  1. The main skill here is to have the ability to understand how sentences and paragraphs link with one another. It is primarily important to know the whole context of the paragraph and the parent theme of the content piece.

  2. The first goal here is to find the leading paragraph, which you think contain the starting line of the whole content. It is easy as the starting line of the paragraphs have some cliché which helps you recognize the same.

  3. When looking for the second paragraph remember to link the above paragraph and context with what you search next.

  4. Look or search for connecting words such as however, moreover, and more to identify the next paragraph in line.

  5. Sequential paragraphs in a script are supposed to put in to the meaning of the passages before them. If part A discusses about a common concept, section B may give extra information or specifics of it in a certain time and passage C could contain a case of the theory. Search for such connections and use them to place the parts in the correct order. An instance would apparently not come before the description of the overall theme of the paragraph or the passage!

  6. After reading all the paragraphs, identify the link among each of them which will help in arranging the segmented passage into one.

Paragraph Ordering : Important Facts

  • You should understand how each paragraph in the passage or text transition from one to another.

  • Notice grammar clues in the paragraphs and look for the sentences that can link with the clues.

  • Sometimes while re-reading the paragraphs, you might feel that a paragraph can be moved somewhere else to elevate the impact or meaning of the text.

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