Tips And Tricks And Shortcuts For Fill In The Blanks

Tips and Tricks and Shortcuts for
Fill in the Blanks

The Tips and Tricks and Shortcuts for Fill in the Blanks type questions are similar to those of sentence completion. They are not opinion-based, which means that learners must be able to use the information they have mastered during the lesson to correctly answer the question.

Fill in the Blank questions usually contain a sentence or paragraph with a blank space representing a word or phrase that has intentionally been left out, and the learner inputs the correct answer to fill in the blank.

tips and tricks for fill in the blank

Fill in the Blanks - Tips and Tricks and Shortcuts

Points that you need to remember in order to solve the Fill in the Blank questions:

  • Have a very good vocabulary. 
  • Read the sentence in the question very carefully. 
  • Close watch on grammar clues
  • Understand the context of the sentence. 
  • Recognize the logical structure of a sentence
  • Knowledge and understanding of common idioms and phrases
  • Apply the hit & trial method when confused
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Apart from the Do’s there are certain Don’t’s as well:

  • Don’t spend a lot of time on one question.
  • Try not to alter the meaning of the sentence
  • Do not read the options first
  • Skip over analyzing and overthinking a question
cross for fill in the blank

Tips and Tricks for Fill in the Blanks - Step by Step Approach

Step 1: Do not read the options

Instead of directly jumping to options, wait, and think what could the answer be. Get a rough idea of the theme and tone of the sentence, understand the context of the sentence, and try to fill the missing word without looking at the options.

Step 2: Eliminate options

Answer choices that have a meaning opposite to the word that you would like to insert in the blank, eliminate those answer choices.50% options can be eliminated from here.

Step 3: Pay attention to grammar

You should keep a close watch on grammar clues. grammatical clues can be of great help in deciding the answers.

Step 4: Understand the Context

Context is the part of a sentence that surrounds a particular word or passage and determines its meaning, connotation refers to the emotion that is suggested by the word itself. The word can be positive, negative, or neutral. This will help you remove the opposite options.

Step 5: Identify the indicators

Indicators tell you what is coming up. They indicate that the question setter is now moving to draw a contrast with something stated previously, or support something stated previously.

Example: Although indicates contrast on the other hand because states the cause or effect.

Sample Questions - Tips and Tricks and Shortcuts for Fill in the Blanks

Types of Fill in the Blanks / Sentence Completions:

Generally, two types of sentence completion questions are being asked in the exams:

  1. Single Blank.
  2. Multiple Blanks.

Each of which is explained with the help of a relevant example below:


Fill in the Blank- Single blanks

Question 1.

A recent study revealed that the Aloe Vera Gel has ————- properties, and has been proven to cure acne problems.


A.  Contingent
B.  Healing
C.  Life saving
D.  Hazardous

Correct option: B


Here we can sense that the sentence has a positive connotation, which helps us in sorting out the negative words that are hazardous and contingent.

Now we are left with two options Lifesaving cannot be used as aloe vera gel is not saving anyone’s life.

However it helps in curing acne problems, therefore healing words will be used.

Hence option B is the correct one.

Fill in the Blank – Multiple blanks

Question 1.

The Buddhist Lamas believe that the sheer belief in the presence of god will release a man from a ——– approach towards life, and this liberation will help him achieve inner ———


A.  Materialistic, peace
B.  Thrifty, discord
C.  Primitive, fire
D.  None of the above.

Correct option: A


The first half talks about getting released from some negative connotation, which makes is clear that the first blank will be filled up with some negative word. Hence materialistic which means greedy, will come in the first blank. Second blank will be filled up with a positive word as there is a mention of achievement of something pleasant or good. Hence peace will come in the 2nd blank.

Hence option A is the correct one.

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