Tips And Tricks And Shortcuts For Fill In The Blank

Tips & Tricks and Shortcuts for Fill in the Blank

Below mentioned are proper instruction & tips and tricks to solve fill in the blank. For the page there are a few strategies which can help address the sentence completion questions even without knowing the choices.

1. Reading the sentence:
The foremost and the most important step is to read the sentence properly and understand what the sentence wants to say.

2. Find the key words:
Second step is to find the key word of the sentence, as this key word is the main indicator of what exactly should come into the blank which completes a sentence in a meaningful way.
For Example: Rather, although, however, while, often, therefore, but, hence etc.
They are very helpful to sort out the kind of word required to fill up the blank.

3. Understand the Sentence structure:
Next step is to thoroughly understand the sentence structure (whether it has a positive or a negative frame), the tenses used (Past, Present or future) in sentence formation.

It is very important to understand the sentence structure as it helps in visualizing and connecting the possible words from the given options and saves us from making the wrong choices.

Types of sentence completions:

Generally two types of sentence completion questions are being asked in the exams:

  1. One with a single blank.
  2. One with two blanks.

Each of which is explained with the help of a relevant example below:

1) Tips and Tricks for Fill in the Blank- Single blank 

Question 1.

A recent study revealed that, the Aloe Vera Gel has ————- properties, and has been proven to cure acne problems.


A.  Contingent
B.  Healing
C.  Life saving
D.  Hazardous

Correct option: B


Here we can sense that the sentence has a positive connotation, which helps us in sorting out the negative words that is hazardous and contingent.

Now we are left with two options Life – saving cannot be used as aloevera gel is not saving anyone’s life.

However it helps in curing acne problem, therefore healing word will be used.

Hence option B is the correct one.

2) Fill in the Blank Tips and Tricks and Shortcuts- Multiple blanks

Question 2.

The Buddhist Lamas believe that the sheer belief of presence of god will release a man from a ——– approach towards life, and this liberation will help him achieve inner ———


A.  Materialistic, peace
B.  Thrifty, discord
C.  Primitive, fire
D.  None of the above.

Correct option: A


The first half talks about getting released from some negative connotation, which makes is clear that the first blank will be filled up with some negative word. Hence materialistic which means greedy, will come in the first blank. Second blank will be filled up with a positive word as there is a mention of achievement of something pleasant or good. Hence peace will come in the 2nd blank.

Hence option A is the correct one.

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