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Accenture Interview Experience 2023

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About Accenture

Accenture is an Irish-based multinational professional services company. It is a multinational professional services company with offices all over the world.

  • Accenture works on these technology-
    • Cloud
    • Security
    • Data
    • AI digital
    • Industry X
    • Enterprise platforms
    • Intelligent automation

Official Websites:

  • Accenture hires for 2 profile mainly:-
    • Associates Software Role
    • Software Engineering Role

Associates Software Role:

An associate software engineer works with a team of engineering professionals and developers to improve existing software or design new applications.  You also need excellent communication, coding, and analytical problem-solving skills, as well as the ability to work as part of a team

Software Engineering Role:

As a software engineer, you’ll need to:  research, design and write new software programs (e.g. business applications or computer games) and computer operating systems. evaluate the software and systems that make computers and hardware work. develop existing programs by analysing and identifying areas for modification.

1. Accenture Interview Experience 2023

Name:- Lokeshwari

College:- PSG College

Degree:- B.Tech/CSE

Profile:- Associate Software Engineer

I got to know about Accenture Drive through PrepInsta’s Instagram.

Round 1:-Cognitive and Technical Assessment

There were 6 sections, including 90 questions. The time duration of this round was around 90 minutes.

Round 2:-Coding Round

There were 2 Coding Questions that we had to solve in 45 minutes.

One of the questions were:

You are given a function, intMaxExponents(int a, int b) Find and return the number between ‘a’ and ‘b'(range inclusive on both ends) which has the maximum exponent of 2.

The algorithm to find the number with maximum exponent of 2 between the given range is:

  1. Loop between ‘a’ and ‘b’. Let the looping variable be ‘i’.
  2. Find the exponent of 2 each ‘i’ and store the number with maximum exponent of 2 so faqrd in a variable, let say ‘max’ to ‘i’ only if ‘i’ has more exponent of 2 than ‘max’.
  3. Return ‘max’
import java.util.*;
class Main
public static int count (int i)
int count = 0;

while (i % 2 == 0 && i != 0)
count += 1;
i = i / 2;
return count;

public static int maxExponents (int a, int b)
int max = 0, num = 0, ans;
for (int i = a; i <= b; i++)
int temp = count (i);
if (temp > max)
max = temp;
num = i;
return num;

public static void main (String[]args)
Scanner sc = new Scanner (;
int a = sc.nextInt ();
int b = sc.nextInt ();

System.out.println (maxExponents(a, b));

Round 3:-Communicative Assessment

This was a Communication Round, where they tested the communication skills.

Round 4:- Accenture Interview Round

After clearing the Communication Round I attended the Interview. There was one Interview, where the interviewer was asking was both Technical and HR Type Questions

Accenture Technical Interview Questions

1.Introduce yourself

2.Tell me about your academic projects.

3.What are your strengths and weaknesses?

4.What is multi-threading?

Multi-threading is a process of executing multiple threads simultaneously.

5.What are OOPS concepts?

OOPs or Object Oriented Programming Language concepts include:-

  • Inheritance
  • Polymorphism
  • Abstraction
  • Encapsulation

6.What is Exceptional Handling in JAVA?

Exception Handling in Java handles the runtime errors and maintains a normal application flow.

7.What is a Friend Function in C++?

A friend function in C++, is a function capable of accessing private/protected data of any class where it has been declared as a friend, though it is not a member of that class.

8.Write a code for Octal to Decimal Conversion.

#include <stdio.h>

// Function to convert octal number to decimal

int convert(int octal)


int decimal = 0, i = 0;

//converting octal to decimal

while (octal != 0)


int rem = octal % 10;

octal /= 10;

int res=rem*pow(8,i);

decimal += res;



return decimal;


//main program

int main()


int octal;

printf("Enter an octal number: ");

//user input

scanf("%d", &octal);

//calling function

int decimal=convert(octal);

//printing output

printf( " %d in octal = %d in decimal", octal, decimal);

return 0;


I cleared the interview got selected in Accenture. For anyone attending Accenture Exam, I would recommend you to prepare from PrepInsta’s website.

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2.Accenture Interview Experience 2023

Name:- Madhumita Gayen

College:-RCC Institute of Information Technology


Profile:-Associate Software Engineer

It was On Campus. We had a pre-placement talk and then we got a schedule for the rounds.

My seniors suggested me to follow PrepInsta’s materials. I also got notes from my college’s placement classes.

There were 3 Online Rounds followed by an Interview.

Round 1:- Cognitive and Technical Assessment

It contains questions from quants, reasoning and technical questions like networking and operating systems

Round 2:-Accenture Coding Round

There were two coding questions of moderate level.

One question was based on loops and one question was based on arrays.

Round 3:-Communication Round

Mostly in this round we had to read the given sentences. This was not an elimination round though, while the previous two were.

Round 4:-Online Interview

After the communication round, a week later I got the interview link. The interview lasted for around 25 minutes, and was a sort of not-so formal interview. There were more HR questions, and no Technical Questions in particular. A great part of the interview was dedicated to my project, so I would recommend anyone attending to prepare their project well.

The questions included:-

1.Tell me about yourself

2.Explain any one of your projects

3.What is your favorite coding language?

4.What is the use of pointers?

Pointers are used for:-

  • Accessing array elements
  • Dynamic memory allocation

5.What are the different types of inheritance?

  • single inheritance
  • multiple inheritance
  • multi-level inheritance
  • hierarchical inheritance

6.What was your best subject in Engineering?

7.How do you prepare for an exam that is coming in a few days?

8.Tell me about the failures that you faced, and how you you improved there or want to improve there.

9.Which domain do you prefer in IT jobs?

10.Which new technology did you learn recently?

11.What is your short-term goal?

12.Do you have any questions for me?

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FAQ on Accenture Interview Experience

Question: Is Accenture Interview tough?


Accenture Interviews are challenging. The interviewers often ask a lot of situational and behavioral questions.

However the most important part to remember about Accenture Interview is that it depends a lot on the previous coding round, and your performance in that round greatly influences your interview round.

Question-What should I prepare for Accenture Interview?


1.Read about Accenture and the job profile for which you are applying. Be ready to answer any question that can possibly be asked from these two.

2.Go through the topics that you have mentioned in your resume and read up questions that can be asked from those topics.

3.Prepare behavioral and situational questions.

Question: How do I clear my Accenture Interview?


Accenture Interview focuses a lot on communication skills. So answer your questions confidently and comprehensively.

Also be thorough with your project explanation.


Question: Is there a coding round in Accenture?


Yes the second round in Accenture Exam is the coding round. 2 questions are asked in this round.

Often the same questions are also asked in the Interview Round.

Question: Does Accenture hire freshers?


Accenture hires freshers through both On Campus and Off Campus drives.