InfyTQ Interview Experience 2024

Find all the information regarding Infosys InfyTQ Interview here, inlcuding latest InfyTQ Interview Experience , InfyTQ Interview Questions and Infosys InfyTQ Interview Preparation guide. You will get latest InfyTQ Interview Experience of candidates for SP, DSE and SE profile.

InfyTQ 2024

InfyTQ test is  conducted by Infosys for the candidates who want to showcase their knowledge in terms of coding. There are 3 profiles in InfyTQ Test 2024:

  • Specialist Programmer
  • Digital Specialist Engineer
  • System Engineer

InfyTQ Technical Interview Questions and Answers are given on this page.

InfyTQ Certification Program is the first round of InfyTQ Test where you will get 2 coding ques and some mcq test. If you score above 65% then you get a chance to appear for SE, DSE and SP profile

For higher profiles like SP and DSE, one more round is there i.e; InfyTQ Advantage Round/Advanced Coding Test. If you clear this round then you get an opportunity to appear for DSE and SP Profile interview rounds.

Infosys InfyTQ Exam Pattern

If you are targeting InfyTQ exam 2024, then you should prepare according to the latest pattern.

InfyTQ Exam Details:

InfyTQ has two rounds:-

Infytq Certification Test Preparation:-

  • It is a 3 hour long test.
  • The candidate’s can choose either JAVA or Python as their programming language.
  • There are MCQ questions on DBMS and Java/Python along with 2 hands-on coding questions.

InfyTQ  Advantage Round:-

  • On scoring 65% and above in the Certification round, a candidate is eligible for advantage round.
  • There are 3 questions and 3 hours for this round.
  • The questions in this round include DSA and competitive coding questions.
InfyTQ Interview Round:-
  • There is only one Interview Round in InfyTQ.
  • Both Technical and HR questions are asked in this interview.

InfyTQ Eligibility Criteria:

  • BE, B.Tech, ME, M.Tech, MCA,  MCM or MSc students graduating in 2024
  • Must be an Indian Citizen
  • No minimum percentage required
Infytq Interview Questions

InfyTQ SP Profile Interview Experience

-> InfyTQ Interview Experience for SP Profile

InfyTQ is a certification exam that Infosys conducts for pre-final year students. It is basically like a coding competition and if you perform well you can bag a high paid job in Infosys.

I got selected for the profile of Specialist Programmer. I am sharing my entire InfyTQ interview experience with you, and I hope it helps.

I had already heard about these competitions that Infosys conducts, so I started preparing for it in advance. I was following PrepInsta and they had these quizzes on InfyTQ, which I started practising. They also had youtube videos on various InfyTQ topics which I practised.

Then InfyTQ got announced. I registered for the exam. In the registration process you basically need to create an account and register for the exam. Then they will ask you to book a test slot according to your need, and choose the preferred programming language (Java/Python). I had selected Java.

In InfyTQ, there were two rounds:-

Round    Name       SectionsDuration
  • 10 MCQs from your selected programming language(I chose Java)
  • 2 hands on coding questions(java)
  • 10 MCQs on DBMS
  • 3 hours
  • No sectional timing
       2Advantage Round
  • 3 questions
  • Whatever language we select in the first round, the same language we need to use here as well.
  • 3 hours

Round 1:- InfyTQ Certification Round

The certification round was pretty easy to solve. Along with PrepInsta’s quizzes, there were sample tests on InfyTQ website which I also used and prepared from.

Round 2:- Advantage Round

So in InfyTQ, if we can clear the certification round we automatically become eligible to give an interview for the System Engineer profile. It is not a necessity to attend Advantage round, However if we can score good marks in advantage round we can attend the interview for DSE or SP. I was pretty confident in my coding skills, so I opted for the advantage round.

There were 3 questions in the exam. One of the questions that I remembered was a palindrome question.

Ques: For a given number innum, identify the palindrome formed by performing the operations given below:-

  1. Add innum and its reverse.
  2. Check whether the sum is palindrome or not. If not, add the sum and its reverse and repeat the process until a palindrome is obtained.

Round 3:- Interview  Round for SP Profile:-

I cleared the advantage round and got selected for the interview. The interview lasted for around 40 minutes. Interviewer asked me many technical questions.

Depending on the performance in this round, we could get placed in either of the three profiles(SP, DSE or SE).

My interviewer was a senior member of the company. He introduced himself and went straight into the questions.

I got the impression that he would be tough to impress, so I tried my best to answer each one of his questions to perfection.

InfyTQ Technical Interview Question:-

1.Introduce yourself.

Gave a brief introduction about myself, including my college, degree and some of my coding competition ranks.

2.Rate your programming skills in Python, C and C++.

Since the candidate had picked Java in earlier rounds, the aim of asking this question is to see how much the candidate knows about the other languages. If this question is asked to yourself accordingly.

3.What are pointers in C++?

A pointer is a variable that stores the addresses of another variable. The value stored in a pointer can be the address of an ordinary variable, array variable or another pointer variable.

4.What is SQL?

SQL or Structured Query Language is a computer language for storing, manipulating or retrieving data stored in a relational database.

SQL is the standard language for Relational Database System.

5.Write a code for the following:-

“A has a list of cities and distance between each pair of cities. Write  a program to find the shortest possible route A can take such that A can visit all the cities exactly once and then return to the origin city”.

This is the Traveling Salesman Problem

6.What do you understand about Software Development Life Cycle?

Software Development Life Cycle uses various software development models, to represent the process of building a software, defining all the phases of software development.

7.What is the advantage of Iterative Waterfall Model over Waterfall Model?

Iterative Waterfall model provides a feedback path for all the phases to its previous phases, which is not available in Waterfall Model.

There were some other questions also:-

8.What is your final year project?

9.What was your aim behind working on this project? Or rather who was your target audience for this project?

10.Working with a team, what were the biggest challenges you faced? How did you solve these conflicts?

11.What do you know about Infosys? Do you know who the current CEO is?

12.Should you be selected, do you have any issue with relocation?

13.Any questions for me?

Interviewer also asked me a couple more questions about my academic background. I answered them all and he said that the interview was done. I thanked him and he told me to wait a few days for the results.

The results came in some days later and I was selected for Specialist Programmer profile.

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InfyTQ Interview Preparation

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Infytq 2024 Interview FAQ's

Question: Will I get selected for the profile of Specialist Programmer through InfyTQ?


There are 3 profiles for which Infosys will hire based on InfyTQ results.

For getting the Specialist Programmer profile, you have to clear the advantage round and also perform great in the Interview round.

Question: How many InfyTQ interview rounds are there?


If you do not attend the Advantage round, you can still sit for the Infosys System Engineer Role.

Question: If I am selected for Advantage round but am unable to attend it, will I get disqualified?


No. For whichever profile you have registered you will be shortlisted for that only. No upgrades are done.

Question: How will I know my InfyTQ results?


Infosys InfyTQ results will be emailed to your registered email id.

Question: What is the eligibility criteria for Infosys InfyTQ?


To register for Infosys InfyTQ, the candidate has to be from BE/B.Tech, ME/M.Tech,MCA,MCM or M.SC field,and should be graduating in

Question: What programming languages are available in Infosys InfyTQ examintaion?


In the certification round, a candidate can select between Java or Python. You need to select this while booking a test slot.

In advantage round in addition to java and python you can select from other language.

Question: Where can I find InfyTQ questions?


You can check our InfyTQ dashboards, where we have given all the quizzes including previous year questions.