TCS NQT Interview Experience

TCS NQT Interview Experience

On this page, you’ll find the latest TCS NQT Interview Experience of candidates selected in TCS. Prepare for your upcoming TCS NQT interview by reading the interview experiences of candidates who appeared for TCS NQT. 

Page Highlights:

  • What is TCS NQT?
  • TCS NQT Interview Experiences for Freshers
  • TCS NQT Interview Questions
  • TCS Coding Questions
  • TCS FAQs
tcs nqt interview questions
tcs nqt interview questions

TCS NQT Interview Experience

On this page, you’ll find the latest TCS NQT Interview Experience of candidates selected in TCS. Prepare for your upcoming TCS NQT interview by reading the interview experiences of candidates who appeared for TCS NQT. 

Page Highlights:

  • What is TCS NQT?
  • TCS NQT Interview Experiences for Freshers
  • TCS NQT Interview Questions
  • TCS Coding Questions
  • TCS FAQs


TCS NQT or TCS National Qualifier Test conducted  by TCS once or twice every year. By applying through this test a student can get shortlisted for TCS Ninja and TCS Digital profile. 

TCS NQT Written Test Pattern

TCS NQT Recruitment Process

1. TCS NQT Interview Experience 2024

Name:- Ria Sharma

College:- Baddi University of Emerging Science and Technology

Profile:- Ninja

Round 1:-TCS NQT Exam

The first round was the TCS NQT exam. I registered for this exam on TCS’ iON website. I had more than a month to prepare for the exam. I tried to find previous exam questions for NQT to prepare from. I came over PrepInsta’s website and they had dedicated materials for NQT including previous exam questions, model questions etc. They also conducted some YouTube live sessions for preparation, which I attended and found a lot of help in.

I got the hall ticket for the exam a few days before the exam date. The test was conducted on TCS iON website and was of around 3 hours long. 

The written test was divided into two sections namely,

1. Foundation section

Time limit: 75mins

This section was subdivided into 4 sections:

  • Traits
  • Numerical Ability
  • Verbal Ability
  • Reasoning Ability

2. Advanced Section

Time limit: 90mins

This section was further divided into 3 sections:

  • Advanced Quantitative Ability
  • Advanced Reasoning Ability
  • Advanced Coding

Based on my NQT results, I got shortlisted for the Ninja profile.

Round 2:-TCS NQT Ninja Interview

The interview was conducted on zoom, and there were two interviewers. One asked technical questions and the other asked HR/MR questions. Both the interviews combined lasted for 30-35 minutes.

1.What is an array?

An array is a collection of similar elements that are stored together in a single contagious memory location. In an array all the elements are of the same or similar data type.

2.Can an array store elements of different datatype?

We cannot store elements of different datatype in an array.

3. Give the code for Armstrong number.


int main()
//Initialize variables
int num ,n,n1,c=0,mul=1,sum=0,r,f,i;

printf("enter any num: \n");

//Count the number of digits
//Calculation for Armstrong number
while (num!=0)
//Checking if its Armstrong or not
printf("Armstrong Number");
printf("Not an Armstrong Number");

return 0;

4.What is the difference between DDL and DML?

This stands for Data Definition LanguageThis stands for Data manipulation Language
it is used for creating the data baseit is used for manipulating the data
DDL had no classificationDML is further classified into procedural and non procedural DML
Commands incldue CREARW, DROPCommands include INSERT, UPDATE

5.What are pointers? What is a null pointer?

Pointers are variables that work like a locator/indicator to an address value. 

Null pointer is a pointer that does not point to any address value.

6.Can foreign keys be null?

Yes foreign keys can be null.

7.Can you tell me more about these projects that you have mentioned in your resume?

These were all the technical questions. After this the HR interviewer took over and asked some basic questions. Then he asked for some documents.

1.Have you done any team project? How do you work in a team?

2.How do you manage stress?

3.Are you ready to relocate?

2. TCS NQT Ninja Interview Experience

Name:- Deepthi Andani

College:- KSI

Profile:- Assistant System Engineer


This was an online assessment round. There were in total 2 sections:-

  • Foundation section

This section had questions on traits, numerical ability, and verbal and reasoning ability.

The duration to complete this section was 75 minutes. I completed the foundation section in just 60 minutes.

I was satisfied with my test. 

  • Advanced section

The advanced section had questions from advanced reasoning ability and advanced quantitative ability along with some coding questions.

The total time allotted was 90 mins where 55 mins was allotted for the coding section. 

I have mentioned a coding question that was given to me during my test below.

TCS NQT Coding Question

Find the distinct elements in a given array.(Assume size of array n<=20)

Sample Input:

  • 9 = size of an array
  • 2 3 4 5 6 1 2 3 4  =  array elements

Sample Output:

  • 2 3 4 5 6 1
// C program to print all distinct elements in a given array


void distict_elements(int a[], int n);

int main()


int size_array, i, arr[20];

// Get the array size

scanf(“%d”, &size_array)

// Get the array elements

for(i=0; i<size_array; i++)


scanf(“%d”, &arr[i]);


// Function call to print the distinct elements in an array

distict_elements(arr, size_array);

return 0;


void distict_elements(int a[], int n)


int i, j;

// Pick all elements one by one

for (i=0; i<n; i++)


// Check if the picked element is already printed

for (j=0; j<i; j++)


if (a[i] == a[j])



// If not printed earlier, then print it

if (i == j)

printf(“%d “, a[i]);



TCS NQT Interview

After the NQT exam, I got the results after 2 weeks. I was shortlisted for the interview round after clearing the online test.

I had two interviews conducted on two days, one was a technical interview and one was a HR interview. Both the interviews were conducted on Zoom. 

TCS NQT Interview Questions with Answers:-

1.Introduce yourself

2. Difference between C and C++.

C does not support OOPS conceptC++ supports OOPS concepts like object, inheritance, etc
C is a procedural language, where each line of code is an instruction for the compiler.C++ is a Hybrid language having a combination of both object oriented language and proecdural programming language.
C has a predefined function support only in the form of header files, and therefore the names within the file or program cannot be duplicated.C++ has namespace feature which enables it to have same names for functions or variables.
C supports 32 keywordsC++ supports the same 32 keywords as C, along with that it also supports 20 exclusive keywords.
C has no support for excerptions, and any runtime error can shutdown the program immediately.C++ has try, throe and catch keywords, using which exceptions can be handled, and abnormal terminations can be avoided.

3.What are the different operators in C?

  • Arithmetic operators
  • Assignment operators
  • Relational operators
  • Logical operators
  • Bit wise operators
  • Conditional operators
  • Increment/decrement operators
  • Special operators

4.Write a program to reverse a given number.

int main()
//Initialization of variables where rev='reverse=0'
int number, rev = 0,store, left;

//input a numbers for user
printf("Enter the number\n");
scanf("%d", &number);

store= number;

//use this loop for check true condition
while (number > 0)
//left is for remider are left
left= number%10;

//for reverse of no.
rev = rev * 10 + left;

//number /= 10;

//To show the user value
printf("Given number = %d\n",store);

//after reverse show numbers
printf("Its reverse is = %d\n", rev);

return 0;

5.What projects have you done?

These were all the questions asked in Technical Interview. The interviewer asked if I had any questions, and I said no. Then I was told to wait for the HR Round.

The HR Round was  conducted the following  day. It was a short 10 minute round. The questions in this round included:-

1.Introduce yourself.

2.Do you know who is the current CEO of TCS?

3.What do you know about TCS?

4.Are you ready to relocate?

This was all from my TCS interview. The rounds went well and I got an email some days later that I was shortlisted for the role.

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FAQ on TCS NQT Interview Experience

Question: What is the interview process in TCS?


To get recruited in TCS a candidate first has to clear the online assessment round.

Once a candidate has cleared round 1, the next step will be the interviews. 

There are two interview rounds that are conducted in TCS, one Technical Round and one HR/MR round.

Question: When can I expect my TCS interview results?


Within 1 to 3 weeks TCS sends out their interview results.  

Question: Is TCS interview difficult to crack?


Every interview can be cracked with the right preparation. 

For TCS, the technical skills of candidates is thoroughly tested as well as problem solving skills. Preparing aptly for the interview will make it easy to crack.

Question: Is year gap allowed in TCS?


TCS allows 2 years of gap. However candidate needs to present a proper reason for the gap.

Question: How many days does TCS take to give joining letter?


It usually takes around a month for the whole interview process to commence and the  offer letter to come through

Question: Can I join TCS with one backlog?


TCS allows one backlog during registration period. However during the time of joining the candidate must have no active backlogs.