TCS NQT Verbal Ability Questions and Answers

TCS NQT Verbal Ability Questions and Answers Pdf 2022

Number of Question

24 Question


30 mins


1st in exam

Negative Marking


TCS NQT Verbal Syllabus

TCS NQT Verbal Questions and answers

Total number of Questions : 24

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TCS NQT English Questions

Interview Experience

Student Interview

This year TCS came to our college for the recruitment drive. Our training and placement officer provided us the registration link and gave a brief introduction of the company, its eligibility criteria, and interview process. The eligibility criteria for TCS was 60% throughout academics, 1 backlog accepted and accepted 2 years of academic gap. So I immediately started preparing from the previous TCS interview questions on Prepinsta. There were three rounds in the interview process:

  1. Written Test
  2. Technical Interview Round
  3. HR Interview Round

Round 1: Online Written Test

The first written round had four sections, English, quantitative aptitude, programming concept, and coding. There were 41 questions, and time allotted was 90 minutes.

  • In the English section, there were 15 questions of sentence completion. Time allocated was 10 minutes.
  • In Quantitative Aptitude, there were 15 questions, and the time allocated was 30 minutes. This section had questions based on time & work, profit & loss, number, decimal fraction, time, speed & distance, geometry, and blood relations.
  • In the programming concept section, there were 10 questions, and time allotted was 20 minutes. The topics asked were Iteration, recursion, procedural vs. OOPS, and Data Structures.
  • In the Coding section, there was only one question, and the time allocated was 30 minutes. The question was based on C/C++ topic.

Round 2: Technical Interview

In the technical interview round, there were 2 interviews: TCS Ninja and TCS Digital. In the first interview, when I entered into the interview room, the interviewer asked me to take a seat, a general introduction was done, and as I was from the CSE background, he asked me question-related to coding concepts of C and C++, Operating system and Data Structures. Then after that, he asked me about the language I prefer, Python I replied, and then he asked me some question regarding some Python Libraries. The interview took about 25 minutes. After some time result came and they selected me for next TCS Digital round.

In the second interview, I was asked questions about the academic project I prepared during my last semester. Then the interviewer asked me to write a binary number to check the binary tree is valid. Moreover, I was asked to explain the different properties of queues and stacks. The second round also went well, and with each step, my confidence was boosted.

Round 3: Interview Round

When I entered the room, two HR was seated there. They asked me for my resume and started asking me questions about my final year project and what role I am playing in it. Then they gave me two puzzles to solve. One was red and blue marble puzzle, and the second was a burning rope puzzle. Then they asked me a few questions about my interest and hobbies. The interview was over in 30 minutes.

Analytics for TCS NQT English-Verbal Section

Stats about TCS NQT English - Verbal Section 2021-22

Number of Questions 24 Questions
Cut-Off 20 Questions
Difficulty medium

Topic Wise Analysis

Reading Comprehesnion Questions 0-8
Difficulty High
Importance High
Selecting Words Questions 0-5
Difficulty medium
Importance Medium
Sentence Completion Questions 0-4
Difficulty Medium
Importance high
Error Identification Questions 0-4
Difficulty Medium
Importance High
Missing Sentences Question 0-3
Difficulty High
Importance High
Grammar Question 0-2
Difficulty Medium
Importance Medium
Sentence Mirror Question 0-1
Difficulty Medium
Importance Low

TCS NQT Verbal Papers with Answers Based FAQ’s


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