How To Apply in TCS NQT for 2024?

How to Apply In TCS NQT 2024? Detailed Information

Get all the information you need to apply for TCS NQT 2024. You’ve come to the right place, so don’t worry. Here are some frequent blunders to watch out for, as little mistakes might get you disqualified from the Placement Exam. We can help you with any inquiries you may have as we have the most latest form available with the most recent data.

Please click the application link for further details.

How to apply for TCS NQT 2024

How to Apply In TCS NQT 2024

Make sure you have opened this page in a tab when applying for TCS NQT, since we have provided a full explanation of each step on this page.

TCS NQTImportant Information
Registration starts onTo Be Announced
Registration Ends onTo Be Announced
Online TestTo Be Announced
Interview Starts onWill be Informed by mail

Please ensure that you closely read and follow to all instructions about the TCS NQT 2024 application process. Due to erroneous application form completion, a large number of students are refused. Please refer to our TCS NQT dashboard for further details.


What will happen if I fill my Registration page wrong?

TCS NQT Warning 2024

Make sure you don’t include any unnecessary information when submitting the TCS NQT Application form, since even a small mistake might have a big impact on the Hall Ticket.

The TCS System might not identify you even if you provide all the necessary information in the right sequence, in which case you won’t receive your hall pass.

  1. There will be no negative marking.
  2. TCS NQT is non- adaptive this year

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How to Apply in TCS NQT 2024?

Before filling the form first you need to Login on the Page, even if you are logged in we will advice you to make a new profile. You can make the new profile by following steps:

Step 1

  • Get your Self Register on TCS NQT 2024 Portal for the upcoming exam.
TCS NQT Apply steps

Step 1.1

  • Choose IT instead of BPS
TCS NQT steps to apply

Step 1.2

  • Enter:
    • Name
    • Email ID
    • DOB
    • Gender.

Step 1.3

  • Enter:
    • Password
    • Mobile No.

Step 1.4

  • After confirming the OTP you will see a pop-up like above stating your name, email-id and Mobile number.
  • Then click on the confirm.

Step 1.5

  • Here on this page you will get your DTR number. Save that number for future reference.
  • Now click on Continue.

Step 2

  • After Registration process, you will have to fill the TCS NQT form.
Steps to apply for TCS NQT

Step 2.1

  • After clicking on continue a popup will arise.
  • Enter your password there and click on Submit button.
Apply process for TCS NQT

Step 2.2

  • Now click on the Start form filling button.

Step 2.3

  • After clicking on the start button this section will appear
  • Here you will have to fill your personal details, make sure you fill it with exact information as in your ID card (passport, aadhar card etc)
2022 TCS NQT Apply process

Step 2.4

  • Fill your contact details and then click on save and continue.

Step 2.5

  • Once you fill the personal details move to next section.
  • Here you will have to fill Academic and Experience details.

Step 2.6

  • Fill the Academic details such as UG or PG marks, 10th, 12th marks.
  • And then fill the declaration part and click on I Agree button to continue.
Circular step-wise process to apply in tcs NQT

Step 2.7

  • After Academic details ypu will have to fill your Other Details.
  • These includes language, scholarships and CV.

Step 2.8

  • Now it is the last part of form. Here you will fill the declaration part.
TCS NQT how to fill the form

Step 2.9

  • After filling all the details click on the Submit Application form.

Step 3.0

  • After filling the form this popup will come.

Step 3.1

  • After clicking on yes you will have to select test mode.
  • You will have to choose between In-center and remote.
Steps to apply for TCS NQT

Step 3.2

  • A final popup will appear and your form status will change to Applied.

FAQ's on How to Apply In TCS NQT 2024?

What documents are required for TCS selection process?

At the time of the interview and while joining, you must have all of your Xth, XIIth, Diploma (if applicable), UG/PG academic marksheets (till the last semester) and degree certificates readily available (if you are selected).

How will I know about my test schedule/test related information?

TCS Next Step will convey test-related information to you.

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