How To Prepare for TCS NQT?

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How To Prepare For TCS NQT 2024?

TCS NQT is announced and the exam will be conducted soon. Each round of TCS is an eliminatory round, and candidate need to secure cut-off marks to qualify for the next round. Hence, candidates need to prepare effectively for each round. This page will help you prepare for TCS NQT 2024.

This Page Contains:-

  • What is TCS NQT?
  • TCS NQT Rounds
  • TCS NQT Eligibility Criteria
  • Steps to Prepare for TCS NQT
  • TCS NQT Roadmap
  • Complete Guide To Prepare for TCS NQT

What is TCS NQT?

TCS NQT is a multilevel assessment that assesses the core cognitive abilities of candidates required to work entry-level IT jobs. It also tests industry-specific skillsets and knowledge. 

What are the rounds in TCS NQT?

There are four rounds in TCS NQT:-

  • TCS NQT Exam
    • Foundational Section
    • Advanced Section
  • Technical Interview
  • Managerial Interview
  • HR Interview

Important Links for TCS NQT:-

What is the Eligibility Criteria for TCS NQT?

TCS NQT Requirements
Qualification Full time Graduates from B.E / B.TECH / M.E / M.TECH
Eligible Streams from UG/PG All Engineering Streams.
Percentage Criteria 60% throughout Academics in X/XII/UG/PG
Backlog Criteria 1 Active Backlog at the time of appearing for the Exam
Gap Criteria Overall Gap in Academic Career not to exceed 1 year

TCS NQT Exam Pattern

TCS NQT Recruitment Process
TCS NQT SectionTotal TimeTotal Questions
Part A : Foundation Section (Mandatory for Ninja Aspirants)  
Numerical Ability25 mins20
Verbal Ability25 mins25
Reasoning Ability25 mins20
Part B : Advanced Section (Mandatory for Digital and Prime Aspirants)  
Advanced Quantitative and Reasoning Ability25 mins15
Advanced Coding90 mins3
Total Duration190 mins83

TCS NQT Preparation Tips

Below we have given the top tips to keep in mind when preparing for TCS exam.

Step 1:- Familiarize yourself with the TCS exam pattern

TCS NQT exam pattern is subject to change. Hence you need to be updated with the latest pattern, including which sections are there, what are the topics and the time duration of the round.

Step 2:- Read all the rules and regulations

TCS NQT will have certain set of rules and regulations for students to follow. This includes whether or not section switching is allowed, if there is negative marking, is calculator allowed, etc. Hence, go through all of the rules and regulations.

Step 3:- Create a study plan

You will have approximately 1 month to prepare for TCS exam. It is best to make a study plan and check out accordingly. Focus on areas you need improvement, where you can score more marks, etc.

Step 4:- Solve Previous Year Questions and Mocks

Solve previous year questions and mock tests as final step of preparation. TCS often repeat questions or type of questions, hence it is beneficial to solve PYQs.

Steps to Prepare for TCS NQT

how to prepare for tcs nqt in a month
how to prepare for tcs nqt test

Roadmap to Prepare for TCS NQT

Below we have provided a roadmap that you can refer to during your preparations for TCS NQT.

how can i prepare for tcs nqt
best ways to prepare for tcs nqt test

A Complete Guide to Prepare for TCS NQT

We have provided a detailed step-by-step guide to preparing for TCS NQT exams. Every section is explained thoroughly, and supporting links are provided as well. If you are confused about how to prepare for TCS NQT, this guide will help you.

Breakdown of TCS NQT Rounds:-

  • Online Test:-
    • Foundation Section:- 
      • Numerical Ability
      • Verbal Ability
      • Reasoning Ability
    • Advanced Section:-
      • Advanced Quants
      • Advanced Reasoning
      • Coding
  • Resume Preparation:-
    • Before appearing for the interviews, build a resume to impress the interviewers.
  • Technical Interview
  • Managerial Interview
  • HR Interview

TCS NQT Placement Rounds:-

Following are the placement rounds conducted during TCS NQT. Relevant links are added for each section.

1. Online Test

The TCS NQT Pattern has been updated this year. There are 83 questions asked in two sections. The time duration is 190 minutes.

There are two sections:-

  • Foundation Section
  • Advanced Section
TCS NQT Pattern 2024

Part A: Foundation Section

It is the first round. The total time duration is 75 minutes and there are three rounds.

  • Numerical Ability
  • Verbal Ability
  • Reasoning Ability

  • Numerical Ability
  • If you are strong in Mathematics and have a clear understanding of the basic concepts, you can score high in the Numerical Ability section. There are 20 questions asked in this round. 

    Find Previous Year Questions of Foundation Aptitude Here:-

  • Verbal Ability
  • TCS NQT verbal section is of medium difficulty and is easy to crack. Improve your vocabulary and grammar to score good marks in this section. There are 25 questions asked.

    Find previous year questions on Foundation Verbal Here:-

  • Reasoning Ability
  • Most candidates find this section to be the trickiest. They run out of time when solving reasoning ability questions. Therefore you need to practice hard for this part of the test. There are 20 questions asked on this topic.

    Find previous year questions on Foundation Reasoning Here:-

    Part B: Advanced Section

    This round is mandatory for Digital Aspirants. It is a 115-minute round. There are 15 questions of advanced quants and reasoning and 3 questions of advanced coding.

  • TCS NQT Advanced Quants
  • TCS NQT Advanced Reasoning
  • TCS NQT Advanced Coding
  • The time duration is 90 minutes and there are three questions asked. The major languages for coding are:-

    • C
    • C#
    • C++
    • JAVA
    • Python

    To prepare for this round you can refer:-

    2. Resume Building

    Through TCS NQT, many companies shortlist candidates for interviews. Before sitting for these interviews, you need to build a good resume. On our resume preparation dashboard, find links to help you design a good resume.

    3. Interview

    Most companies hiring through NQT are service-based companies. Generally, there are three interview rounds conducted:-

    • Technical Interview
    • Managerial Interview
    • HR Interview

  • Technical Interview
  • Technical Interviews test a candidate’s coding and technical skills. It includes questions on C, C++, writing codes for the problem statement, projects, certifications, and more.

    Prepare for this round from our Technical Interview Dashboard, where you will find the most common technical questions.

  • Managerial Interview
  • Managerial Interviews include situation-based questions, behavioral questions, puzzles, and project-related questions.

    Find the most common MR Interview Questions here:

  • HR Interview
  • HR Interviews test the candidate’s personality and soft skills. Questions about the candidate’s education and work experience are also asked. The HR Interviewer aims to see whether the candidate will fit with the company culture.

    Most common HR Interview Questions include:-

    4. Revision

    Solve previous year’s TCS NQT question papers. On PrepInsta, you will find previous year’s TCS NQT questions and sample TCS NQT questions.

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    tcs nqt preparation material

    Additional Skills to Develop for TCS NQT:-

    To get placed in multiple MNCs via TCS NQT, you need to work on gaining additional technical and digital skills. We have listed some of the additional skills you can learn.

    1. Data Structures Algorithms

    To clear NQT, you need basic knowledge of DSA. However, during interviews, companies ask advanced DSA questions. Therefore, it is advisable to focus on DSA.

    2. Interview Puzzles

    Puzzles are asked in HR and Managerial Interviews. These test the candidate’s IQ and problem-solving skills.

    On our top 100 Puzzles dashboard, find the most common interview puzzles.

    3. Digital Skills

    Companies want candidates to have additional knowledge of digital skills. Popular digital skills that are in demand include:-

    • Machine Learning
    • Artificial Intelligence
    • Cyber Security
    • Ethical Hacking

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    FAQs on "How to Prepare for TCS NQT"

    Question: What should I study for TCS NQT?


    For TCS NQT you need to prepare Foundation as well as Advance section, including:-

    • Traits
    • Numerical Ability
    • Verbal Ability
    • Logical Reasoning
    • Advanced Quantitative Aptitude
    • Advanced Logical Reasoning
    • Advanced Coding

    Question: Where will I find TCS NQT materials?


    You will find all the materials for TCS NQT at our PrepInsta website.

    You can navigate via top menu, or you can directly visit the link:-

    Question: What is the best way to prepare for TCS NQT?


    • Check out the exam pattern.
    • Practice Mocks and Previous year questions.

    Question: How much time is required to prepare for TCS NQT?


    You can prepare for TCS NQT in 30 days. You can follow up the roadmap provided o this page.

    Question: Is the TCS exam hard?


    TCS exam is comparatively harder than most exams. Especially the Advanced section of TCS.