How much salary do you expect?

Why does the HR panel asks How much salary do expect?

“How much salary do expect?” The one that takes salary into consideration is a very popular and anticipated issue.
The explanation behind such a question is rather clear – before they give you the job or the place in their business, your estimated pay should meet their allocated expectations.

Plan of Action

  • Act with the dilemma in a more thought-out and patient way


  • Never get too frank and say it out loud even before they bring up this question.


  • Never mention any fixed amount of salary. Dropping a range would be a better choice.


  • Also, do not be too humble.
    It gives an idea that you don’t respect yourself or your time by suggesting that “anything will succeed.”

Things you should know before answering How much salary do expect?

Market Salary Research :

Do any study on various platforms to consider the range of industry salaries for the job you have applied for. In this way, it would be obvious to you how many or what pay amount should be usual for the position you are applying for.

Company Composition:

You should be mindful of the scale of the agency you are interviewin  for. A bigger enterprise would have a higher wage rate than a small-scale one. You should be mindful of the makeup of the organization and set the expectations accordingly.

Professional Experience:

Your work experience plays a big role when it comes to salary fixing.

Best Possible Answers for
"How much salary do you expect?"

Possible Answer:

“This is a complex one! Ok, let me put it this way. The reason behind my presence here is the promising job. When working for your respected company, I see myself advancing in the business world. The job climate here is distinct from what I’ve seen in the past. Money is definitely a significant factor, but settling here as well is the primary thing for me. The double-quick I acclimate to this ambient, the better it would be for me. Until besides it would be discourteous to the job position if I anywise guess an measure. ”

Possible Answer:

“I’d like to ask what you usually pay someone with my background and qualifications in this sort of job before I address that question. ”

Possible Answer:

Thank you, I’m very excited about this job and when we negotiate that, I’m sure we will settle on a pay level that is appropriate for both of us. I am really interested in learning more about the job and duties so that I can properly measure an acceptable amount of pay.

Possible Answer:

As a newcomer, Sir, my goal is to gain knowledge and experience. I will consider the salary stated according to the expectations of the company.

Possible Answer:

Sir, because I am fresher, for me, salaries are not the first priority.

This is a fantastic forum to launch my career, and I want to develop my expertise, skills and experience as well. So, due to my capacity and your business expectations, I expect a considerable wage that will satisfy my economic needs.

Possible Answer:

Thank you, I’m very grateful to get the chance to be part of your company. I would like to hear more about the duties of better measuring the needs of rewards. After my first round of interviews with managers, I’ll have a better understanding of the job.

Possible Answer:

It is impossible to compare two employers, because in regards to the work community, roles and bonus arrangement, my present job profile and the job profile you give are completely different from each other.
I would like to delay this issue until I have enough data to address salaries and other benefits. Please let me know before conversation, “which company provides pay package and other perks (bonus, paid & unpaid leave, etc…) to workers serving in the same job with the same years of experience” ”.

Possible Answer:

My wage criteria are flexible, but in the area that I think brings importance to my candidacy, I have considerable experience. I look forward to exploring in more depth what my roles at this agency will be. We will decide a reasonable wage for the job from there.

Possible Answer:

“I want an income that is proportionate to my ability and skills. I believe that you would be honest to me. “

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FAQ On How much salary do expect?

Should I try to negotiate the amount they offered as the salary?

Yes, of course you can. A salary generally includes certain added benefits such as incentives, perks or any type of compensation. If you think that the benefits offered to you are less or more you can definitely negotiate for it. This way you can communicate your expectations better.

What if I am not ready to answer the salary question because I am just in the initial hiring phrase.

It’s alright, even if you think you are not ready to answer the question mid way you can definitely deflect the answer with some added queries such as “Before I answer, I’d like to ask a few more questions to get a better idea of what the position entails. That way, I can provide a more realistic expectation.”

What should I do to impress them regarding the salary?

As much as your numbers are important for this questions, you confidence and communication holds significance too. Be sure to know your worth for the job and place your demand on the higher end. Never settle for any fixed amount at once.