Are You Willing To Relocate For This Job

Can you travel/relocate for this job?

“Are you willing to relocate” or “Can you travel for this job” are very common HR interview questions asked in companies like TCS and Wipro. On this page you will get the complete guide on answering this question.

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  • Why: “Are you willing to relocate or travel” asked?
  • How to answer: “Are you willing to relocate or travel”?
  • Sample Answers: “Are you willing to relocate or travel”

Why: "Are you Willing to Relocate" asked?

There are two scenarios for which this question is asked:

  1. The company has no office in your hometown.
  2. The company has multiple offices across the country.

In either scenario it is likely that once selected you will be asked to move to another city maybe immediately or after sometime. The aim of asking this question is to see whether you are comfortable moving for the job or not.

How to answer: "Are you Willing to Relocate or Travel?"

In theory you should always answer this question with a YES. 

How to say "No" to Relocation?

If you are not comfortable relocating or do not want to travel to another city for the job, then you can politely decline and say so to the interviewer. Give your reason for the same.

Don’t say:-

  • I will if I get paid more for relocation.
  • It depends on the annual CTC you are offering.
  • Where will I need to relocate if you select me?
  • I am not sure if I will or not.

Sample Answers: "Are you Willing to Relocate or Travel?"

Below we have provided some sample answers for questions like “Are you willing to relocate?” or “Can you relocate?”. You can go through them for reference.

"Are you Willing to Relocate?"-Answer 1

For my career, I would like to move. It’s a wonderful way to interact with different people and grow my network. I’m confident that it would also improve my expertise. I don’t think I would have any problems with it if the opportunity offered to me is acceptable, satisfying and feasible. And, I think relocation teaches how to change or work with new colleagues.

"Are you Comfortable Shifting to Another City?"-Answer 2

Yeah, since moving to a different area benefits us a lot, I am happy to move. There are also new things we can understand. As we are going to be in a totally different setting, we will learn about their cultures and new customs from that. We may have new friends and teammates as well.

"Can you relocate to a different city?"-Answer 3

“In order to take this role, I have no reservations about moving because I think the chance to join your team as a software developer is just too good to refuse. I’ve been looking at the area’s housing market and find a great place I’d like to move in with decent colleges, inexpensive homes and a reasonable commute. Although this is definitely a huge change, I’m willing to make a big change.”

"Can you move to a different city if needed?"-Answer 4

Yes of course I am more than willing to make the change for the right chance, and with your company I definitely do not mind moving if necessary.

"Will you relocate if needed?"-Answer 5

Although I was looking for a job that did not require me to move,  with your company I have no issues relocating.  

"Are you comfortable traveling"- Answer 6

Completely! Absolutely! I’ve got nothing holding me down here as a new college graduate. My dream is to land a job working for a multinational corporation where I can advance my career over the long haul. And if this implies going to acquire experience, develop your hobbies, or secure promotions, carry it on! I enjoy learning and adapting to different worlds and local communities. 

"Are you Willing to Travel"?-Answer 7

I feel like this job and company is a good match for me. Therefore I am ready to travel for it.

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FAQ on Are you willing to relocate or travel?

Question: What is meant by "Are you willing to relocate"?


The question simply means that whether a candidate would be willing to move into a new city/different city for this job. 

Question: How do I politely refuse relocation?


Be honest with the interviewer. Always tell your reasons for not relocating. Like you have to take care of your family, or that you want to stay back in your city.

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