Are You Comfortable with Night Shifts?

Are you Comfortable with Night Shifts?

Are you comfortable with night shifts?” or “Are you flexible with night shift?” or “Are you comfortable with rotating shifts?” is a common HR interview question asked in MNCs like TCS and Wipro. In this page we have provided the complete guide to answer this question.

Page Highlights:-

  • Why “Can you work night shifts” is asked?
  • How to answer “Are you comfortable with night shifts”?
  • Sample Answers: “Can you work night shifts”-Yes
  • Sample Answers:-”Can you work night shifts”-No

Why "Can You Work Night Shifts" Is Asked?

Most service based companies like Cognizant and TCS run double shifts. Therefore it is a very common question to ask in interviews. Candidates who are willing to work night shifts show that they are flexible and can adjust easily. They also portray a positive attitude towards the company. While candidates who say no, show that they are honest and know where to draw the line between personal and professional life. Answering this question is a bit tricky, but we got you.

How To Answer : “Are You Comfortable With Night Shifts?”?

The answer to this question is usually a simple YES or No, followed by an explanation. But before you can answer this, you need to understand whether you are ready to work rotational or night shifts and the consequences of each choice. Before answering this question, look over the following:

Sample Answer: "Can you work night shifts?"-Yes

If you agree to night shifts and choose to say then you can refer the answers given below.

"Can you work night shifts?"-Answer 1

Yes, sure. I will be available for nightshifts. I am staying alone at my place so it won’t be any problem for me. However it would be a great help for me if there will be transportation facility for those who work at night

"Are you comfortable with night shifts?"-Answer 2

I am fine with working at night. When I was Kota preparing for my B.Tech Placements I  used to study at night due to my classes schedule. Therefore I am habitual of working at night with full concentrations. So Night shift will definitely work for me.

"Are you comfortable with rotational shifts?"-Answer 3

Anything which is needed for company’s growth and success will be lead for my growth as well. So if there will be any requirement to work in rotational shifts/night shifts I am completely fine with that.

"Can you work in late night shifts?"-Answer 4

Yes why not. if I will be provided a proper safety and transportation facilities then I will surely be available for late night shifts.

"Can you work on weekend/extra shifts?"-Answer 5

Working extra shifts is basically putting some extra efforts to make your company grow.  decision. Therefore I have no issues working on weekends and extra shifts, as long as I am provided with transportation facilities and compensations for the same,

How To Say "No" to Working Night Shifts?

If night shifts are not your cup of tea, and you want to say NO, then refer the following answers.

"Can you work night shifts?"-Answer 1

As per the current situation in the city and safety concerns I am not comfortable with night shifts. But I will be available for all other shifts.

"Are you comfortable with night shifts?"-Answer 2

It is not possible for me to work at night as I am occupied with certain other obligation which I cannot ignore. I would give my best and provide maximum output in the day shifts,  but working at night won’t be possible for me.

"Are you comfortable with night shifts?"-Answer 2

It is not like a impossible thing for me but I will prefer to work in day shifts, as I need the nights to focus on my physical and mental health. But if something urgent is required of me, I will definitely be available.

"Can you work on rotational shifts?"-Answer 4

I have always been following a strict schedule, and it is difficult for me to make sudden changes in it. Therefore it would be uncomfortable for me to work on rotational shifts, as it might impact my other commitments. 

"Can you work in Late Night Shifts?"-Answer 5

Working in late night shifts might affect my time with family. So regular late night shifts might not be a good option. I can stretch from time to time or when needed.

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FAQs on Can You Work Night Shifts

Question: Is it considered rude to say no to night shifts?


The interviewer here is asking your choice, therefore if you choose No, it is not considered as rude. However if you should always give a proper answer as to why you cannot work in night shifts.

Question: What happens if I say Yes during the interview but later on say No for working night shifts?


There are two consequences that can follow:-

  • if night shift clause is mentioned in your service agreement and you say no, then it will be seen as violation of contract and you will be penalized accordingly.
  • going back on your word will show you as an unreliable person and will deeply affect your reputation in the office, and in your professional career.

Question: If I say Yes during the interview, but later on I find it inconvenient then what should I do?


If a situation like this arises you can talk with your manager/HR, explain your inconvenience to them and see if you both can work out a solution.

You can also include the term during your interview, that under a particular circumstance you will not be able to work in night shifts.

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