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Read the InfyTQ DSE Interview Experience of selected candidates on this page. You will also find InfyTQ SE Interview Experience and InfyTQ SP Interview Experience on our page. We have also included InfyTQ Technical Questions asked in interviews.

Infosys Infytq DSE Interview Experience

I recently appeared and then luckily got selected for the profile of Digital Specialist Engineer in Infosys through the InfyTQ Certification Exam. This is my whole InfyTQ DSE Interview Experience. I would also like to thank PrepInsta for their continuous support throughout the process.

InfyTQ Registration:-

The first step is to register for the exam. I got the direct link from PrepInsta’s website. The exam is open for all pre-final year students. I registered, chose my date and preferred language.

InfyTQ Certification Round:-

I got an email for the first exam, which is the certification round. There were some general instructions and the test link. They also sent in a system test link, to check the system’s compatibility.

In the exam there were 3 sections and the time duration was 180 minutes. There was no negative marking or sectional timing.

We could switch between sections.

Among the sections, the questions were divided in the following pattern:-

  • Section 1– 2 hands on coding questions
  • Section 2– 10 MCQ programming questions
  • Section 3– 10 MCQ DBMS questions

The questions overall were pretty easy. Some questions were a little tricky, but overall I was able to solve the paper comfortably.

InfyTQ Advantage Round:-

After clearing the certification round, I attended the Advantage Round. I got an email with all the details and then I was eligible for attending Advantage Round.

The advantage round was 3 hours and there were 3 questions.

The questions carry different marks, so I attempted the one with the highest marks first.

One of the questions that came in this round was a matrix question.

Given a m x n matrix inmatrix of positive integer. Print an outnum based on the following logic.

  • Identify all possible sets in inmatrix that contain at least four consecutive elements of the same value val, either horizontally or vertically or diagonally.
  • If only one set of consecutive elements is identified, store the value val in outnum.
  • If more than one set of consequent elements is identified, find the smallest value and store it in outnum.
  • If no set of four consecutive elements of same value is identified either horizontally, vertically or diagonally, print -1.
  • Assume m and n > 3.

InfyTQ Interview Round:-

The interview round was conducted on webex platform. Clearing the advantage round I was eligible for the SP and DSE role. So I had already assumed that I would be asked coding questions. So I prepared coding questions from PrepInsta’s Top 100 codes

The interview was around 40- 45 minutes long, and the interviewer asked me programming questions along with questions from my resume. I have listed the questions below:-

1.Write a code to implement a hash map.

2. Write a code to merge two sorted arrays.


void merge(int arr1[], int arr2[], int n1, int n2, int arr3[])
int i = 0, j = 0, k = 0;

while (i<n1 && j <n2)
if (arr1[i] < arr2[j])
arr3[k++] = arr1[i++];
arr3[k++] = arr2[j++];

while (i < n1)
arr3[k++] = arr1[i++];

while (j < n2)
arr3[k++] = arr2[j++];

int main()

int n1;
scanf("%d", &n1);

int arr1[n1];
for(int i=0; i<n1; i++)
scanf("%d", &arr1[i]);

int n2;
scanf("%d", &n2);

int arr2[n2];
for(int i=0; i<n2; i++)
scanf("%d", &arr2[i]);

int arr3[n1+n2];
merge(arr1, arr2, n1, n2, arr3);

printf("Array after merging\n");
for (int i=0; i < n1+n2; i++)
printf("%d ", arr3[i]);

return 0;

Throughout the process, the interviewer asked me questions on my approach and basically asked me to explain my process as I went through.

After writing the codes, he then asked me some questions from my resume.

  1. What was your biggest takeaway from the internships that you have done?
  2. Are you comfortable working in a team? Under the orders of your manager?
  3. What technologies did you most enjoy working on?

He then asked me some theoretical programming questions, including:- h

1.What is linear and non linear data structure?

Linear Data Structure:-
A data structure is Linear, if its elements form a sequence orlinear list such as Arrays or Linked ist.               

Non Linear Data Structure:- A data structure is non linear if traversal of nodes is of non linear nature such as Graphs.

2.What is the difference between method overloading and method overriding?

Method OverloadingMethod Overriding
It is complie time polymorphismIt is run time polymorphism
Inheritance is not compulsoryInheritance is always compulsory

3.What is a Linked List?

A linked list is a linear data structure, in which data is stored in a sequential manner. A linked list can change its size, growing or shrinking depending on the situation.

The element of a linked list is known as node.

He then asked me about my projects. I had mentioned a couple projects I had worked on, and he asked me to explain one of them.

  1. Tell me about the working of your project?
  2. What shortcomings are there in your project?
  3. What do you think will be of your project in 10 years time? Do you think it will still be relevant? What changes do you think can be made?

The last part of the interview was some basic HR questions.

  1. What do you think is your greatest achievement?
  2. Who is your role model?

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