Deloitte Interview Experience

Deloitte Interview Experiene

In this page you will find the latest Deloitte Interview Experience of candidates for the batches 2021-2022 selected in Deloitte. We have also included Deloitte Interview Questions with their Answers.

Page Highlights:

  • About Deloitte
  • Deloitte Interview Experience for 2023 batch
  • Deloitte Interview Questions and Answers
  • Deloitte Technical Interview Questions
  • Deloitte FAQs
deloitte interview experience
deloitte interview experience

Deloitte Interview Experiene

In this page you will find the latest Deloitte Interview Experience of candidates for the batches 2021-2022 selected in Deloitte. We have also included Deloitte Interview Questions with their Answers.

Page Highlights:

  • About Deloitte
  • Deloitte Interview Experience for 2022 batch
  • Deloitte Interview Questions and Answers
  • Deloitte Technical Interview Questions
  • Deloitte FAQs

About Deloitte

Deloitte is a multinational professional services global network. It provides services in audit, management, consulting, financial advisory and much more.

To know more about the company visit their website here:

Recruitment Process

Deloitte hires through:-

  • On Campus Drives
  • Off Campus Drives


The profiles Deloitte hires for includes:-

  • Analyst Global Digital Application Studio
  • Analytics Assistant
  • Risk and Financial Advisory
  • Salesforce and Service Now Analyst
  • Digital Customer Analyst
  • Business Technology Analyst
  • Deloitte USI
  • Deloitte Application Studio


Deloitte conducts the following rounds in its recruitment process:-

  1. Pre placement rounds
  2. online test
  3. versant test(tier 2)
  4. JAM(tier 2)
  5. TR + HR Interview

You can read about the Deloitte rounds in details here: PrepInsta Deloitte

Interview Process:-

Deloitte conducts either one interview in which they ask both Technical and HR based questions. In some cased Deloitte conducts two separate interviews, one technical and one HR.

1. Deloitte Interview Experience 2023

Deloitte visited our campus, hiring for an On Campus drive.

There were 3 rounds that were conducted.

Round 1:- Online Test

The online test was conducted on an adaptive platform. 

In total there were 3 sections:-

  1. Quants
  2. English
  3. Logical Reasoning


  • It consisted of 25 Questions solved in 35 minutes.
  • In this section Deloitte tests your speed and accuracy in solving quants.
  • Topics included, permutation, combination, LCM, HCF, Geometry, Profit and Loss, Speed, Time and Distance, Work and Time Numbers, Inverse, etc.


  • It consisted of 25 questions to be answered in 25 minutes.
  • Topics included, reading comprehension, basic grammar, sentence completion, vocabulary, synonyms and antonyms, fill in the blanks.

Logical Reasoning:-

  • 24 questions are asked to be solved in 35 minutes.
  • The topics in this section included coding-decoding, blood relations, seating arrangement, number series, directions, data sufficiency etc.

Round 2:- Group Discussion

  • Group Discussion round is like a group activity. 
  • We were grouped together and had to make a business plan to open a jewelry shop in a said area.
  • This round deals with the communication, problem solving as well as presentation skills.

Round 3:- Deloitte Interview

  • We only had one interview round where they asked both Technical as well as HR questions.
  • They asked questions including topics of Operating Systems, C,C++ and one coding question.
  • Some basics HR Questions that test the communication skills were also asked in this round.
  • Overall this round was not that difficult, and I answered all the questions to the best of my ability.
  • And a day later I got the selection mail.
  • Below I have listed some of the Technical Questions.

Deloitte Technical Interview Questions:-

1.What is deadlock?

Deadlock refers to the condition where 2 or more processes are waiting for each other to release a resource indefinitely. In a deadlock both the processes wait for the other process to complete and are therefore stuck in a deadlock, where neither starts.

2.What do you know about DBMS?

DBMS or Database Management System software controls and manipulates the data that is stored or are to be stored in a database. The basic functions of DBMS include:-

  1. Database Definition
  2. Updating and Retrieving Data
  3. Administration and Security of Data.

3.What do you know about C language?

C is a general purpose programming language. It is one of the most compatible and easy to learn languages.

Features of C:-

  • It is a middle level language
  • It is case sensitive
  • It is easy to extend
  • It is highly portable
  • It is fast and efficient

Due to all this C is one of the most popular and widely used programming language.

Limitations of C:-

  • exception handling is unavailable
  • code cannot be resued
  • no run time checking is done
  • does not support OOPS

4.What is C++?

C++ is a superset of C, which basically means that any C program is also a C++ program, and that any compiler which supports C++ will support C. C++ supports the OOPS concept unlike C. It supports features like objects, classes, inheritance etc.

5.What is Inheritance in C++?

Inheritance refers to the ability of a class to be able to derive all the properties of a different class. It is one of the most important OOPS concept, as it allows:-

  • high code resusability
  • reduces coding time
  • re-use pre-defined data and properties.
  • makes the code less complex and easy to maintain.

In C++ inheritance has three modes:-

Public Mode:-

  1. Public members of base class become public in derived class
  2. Protected members of base class become Protected in derived class
  3. Private members are inaccessible in derived class

Protected Mode:-

  1. Public members of base class become protected in derived class
  2. Protected members of base class become Protected in derived class
  3. Private members are inaccessible in derived class

Private Mode:-

  1. Public members of base class become private in derived class
  2. Protected members of base class become private in derived class
  3. Private members are inaccessible in derived class

6.What is Data Encapsulation?

Data Encapsulation is the process of hiding the data and programs from the outside world and essentially capsuling them together in one entity.

7.Write a program to find the longest palindrome in an array.

using namespace std;

bool isPalindrome (int N)
{ // function to check whether a number is Palindrome or not

int rev = 0, rem;

int temp = N;

while (temp)
rem = temp % 10;
rev = rev * 10 + rem;
temp /= 10;

if (N == rev)
return 1;

return 0;

int main ()

int N; // variable for size of the array

cout << "Enter the size of the array: ";
cin >> N;

int A[N]; // Declaration of an array of size N

cout << "\nInput the elements of the array: ";

for (int i = 0; i < N; i++)
cin >> A[i];

sort (A, A + N); // Sort the array A in ascending order

int result; // variable that store the final output

for (int i = 0; i < N; i++)

// check every ith value is Palindrome or not

if (isPalindrome (A[i]))
result = A[i];


cout << "\nThe longest palindrome number is : " << result;

return 0;

There were some HR questions also that were asked in this round only.

8.What do you know about Deloitte?

9.Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

These were all the questions that were asked. 

2.Deloitte USI Interview Experience

Deloitte visited our campus, hiring for the USI profile for the analyst role. Our TPO sent an email with the eligibility criteria and the job description. All the eligible students were then sent an email about a pre placement talk.

Pre-Placement Talk:-

The pre-placement talk was an online webinar where they informed us about the profile and the requirements for the profile.  They also informed us about the salary and the work culture.

Round 1:-

After the pre placement talk we got to know about the online assessment round, scheduled for almost two weeks later. I am a regular user of PrepInsta, and I immediately started preparation from their Deloitte Course on Prime and quizzes on the Prepinsta website.

The Online Assessment round was conducted on AMCAT.

There were four sections:-

  1. Numerical Ability
  2. Logical Reasoning
  3. Verbal Ability
  4. Technical Quiz

In the Technical Quiz there were questions from SQL, DSA and programming languages.

Round 2:-

After the Online Assessment, I had to wait for a week. The results came and I passed them. The selected candidates were then called for a Personal Interview.

They only conducted one interview round for our campus, where they asked technical questions as well as HR questions.

 The questions included:-

1.Program on pattern printing.

Check out : Top 100 codes for Pattern Printing questions and more coding questions that are asked in Interviews.

2.Project based questions , which included:-

  • Tell me about your project.
  • What were the difficulties you faced while working on this project?
  • How did you manage working with your team members? Were there at any point disagreement between the members?
  • What was the output of your project?

3.Questions on my internship, which included:-

  • What was your role in this internship?
  • What responsibilities you had?
  • Tell me about the projects you worked on in this internship.
  • What were you key takeaways from the experience?

4.One puzzle based question, which was the Josephus Puzzle.

5.Why do you want to join Deloitte?

6.Can you work under pressure?

7.Are you a team player?

8.Give an instance where you solved a conflict.

9.Any questions?

To read other companies interview experiences, visit Interview Dashboard:

3.Deloitte Interview Experience for Analyst

I got placed in Deloitte as Technology Consulting Analyst through on campus drive. In August, Deloitte visited our campus for On Campus hiring. There was a pre-placement talk where they explained the various process and job requirement/job details.

Below I have shared the details of my recruitment.

Round 1:- Assessment Round

The first round was an online aptitude test, with Multiple Choice Questions. It was conducted on AMCAT. The test was held on August 14th, and the test link was live from 9 am to 9 pm. We had to take in the test between that period . The time duration for the exam was 75 minutes, with each section being timed separately.

In the exam there were 3 section namely-English, Logical Reasoning and Quantitative Aptitude.

  • In English there were questions from synonyms and antonyms as well as paragraph based questions.
  • In Logical there were alphabet series, number series and relation and direction based questions.
  • In the Quants section there were questions from speed, time, distance, ratio and proportion, profit and loss etc.

Overall I found the questions pretty easy and some were moderate level. I had practiced from PrepInsta and a lot of the questions were similar. In our college altogether 350 students applied and 75 of them were selected for the next round.

The results for this round came after a week and the second round was scheduled a day later.

Round 2:-Group Discussion

Round 2 was an online group discussion round, where we were grouped in groups of 8-10 people. This round was conducted on Microsoft Teams. In the group discussion we were given a case study and 3 problem statements. The interviewer first spoke about the case study and gave a small presentation.

Then everyone started a discussion on the problem statements, for around 25 minutes and then in the end everyone was asked to give their conclusions. After this round from the 75 candidates 40 were selected for the next round.

Round 3:-Personal Interview

This was round conducted on the same day. I got a Microsoft teams link for the round. The interviewer asked me to introduce myself and then  some personal questions first like how was my day, how I felt about the previous round etc. Then he asked me some resume based questions and then some situation based questions. The situation based questions included  how would you handle argument with a co-worker, how would you handle deadlines etc.

He then asked me about my interests and extra curricular activities and the positions I held in college clubs.

This round on the whole was not technical but rather they were testing our communication skills.

Deloitte Technical Interview Questions for Analyst:

1.Introduce yourself.

2.Give a brief explanation of your project.

3.What is the future scope of this project?

4.How do you handle pressure?

5. If you are put in a team where some team members are behaving unprofessionally, what to do you do?

From this round they shortlisted 15 candidates.

Round 4:-Manager Round

This round was conducted two days later on Microsoft Teams platform. In this round there were 2 senior managers. 

Some of the questions that were asked included:-

1.Do you want to work in a company or start your own startup?

2.What are your 2 favorite engineering subjects?

3.What do you know about multiplexers?

4.What is the difference between linked list and array, and where are they used together?

5.Do you have any plans for higher education?

Deloitte Interview Preparation Course

In PrepInsta Prime, we have created a custozised Deloitte Interview Preparation Course. This course includes:-

  • Deloitte Interview Questions
  • Deloitte Technical Interview Questions
  • Deloitte HR Interview Questions
  • Project and Puzle Based Questions
  • Interview Experience of Selected Infosys Candidates and more

To read more Interview Experiences of selected candidates, visit:

FAQ on Deloitte Interview Experience

Question: How do I prepare for Deloitte Interview?


For Deloitte Interview, always read and study about the company and also the job profile.

Try to be communicative during the Interview and ask questions if and when necessary.


Question: Are Deloitte interviews hard?


Deloitte interviews can be pretty challenging, as the company often conducts multiple interviews before hiring. However with correct preparation, you can easily clear this round and get placed  in Deloitte. 

Question: What questions are asked in Deloitte Interview?


Apart from Technical and Coding questions, Deloitte also asks situational and behavioral questions to test a candidate’s thought process and comprehension skills.