TCS NQT Logical Ability Questions and Answers

TCS NQT Logical Papers 2022



No. of Ques.



50 minutes


1 Mark per Question

TCS NQT Logical Curriculum

Total Questions : 30

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TCS NQT Logical Questions

Written Test -

English section was pretty much normal and basically filled in the blanks type. In the aptitude section, there are two subsections one is normal and another is advanced. Logical Reasoning section was moderate in difficulty. Computer proficiency section was also the same type and many questions were asked from Data Structure and c-programming code snippets. And the last section was the Coding section.

I prepared for this drive through PrepInsta's online class which I got from the youtube lucky winner and this I came to know from Instagram on PrepInsta Instagram handle.

The online class of PrepInsta is best for the preparation of TCS as the explanation given by Atulya Sir and Manish Sir is very good and it helped me a lot for my preparation and cracking all the rounds of TCS.

Interview -

On the very next day of the first round result declaration I got another mail from TCS for the Interview date and place which was conducted at TCS office. I had my interview on 11th September from 12 p.m and onwards. I arrived at the TCS office at 11.30 a.m. After waiting for a long time I got my call around 4.15 p.m.

I greeted the interviewer as soon as I entered the room. He started by asking me to introduce myself. Then his major focus was on my project which he asked me to explain and was eager to know which newer technologies I have worked upon. Here are the few questions which I remember from my interview: 

  1. What is Polymorphism?
  2. What are the different types of inheritance?
  3. What is the difference between classes and interface?
  4. What is software development life-cycle?
  5. What is normalization of databases, joins, and keys?

I cleared this round very easily with the help of PrepInsta.

I prepared for my  technical interview from PrepInsta Programming pages given on their site.

The 3rd and the last round was the HR Round.

HR Round:

This round was very normal just to make me comfortable with the company's rules and regulations and to check my behavior. The questions asked to me are as follows:

  1. Where do you belong to?
  2. Tell me about your family background
  3. Are you ready to relocate anywhere across India?
  4. Why TCS?

For such questions I can only advice be yourself, at least I was, I did not pretend that no matter what I will stay in this very company till the end of my life or rather even after I die my ghost will come back to work every day on time, no such cliche answers just appropriate solutions to the situational problems.

After some days I got the mail from TCS that I was selected.

PrepInsta not only helped me in the written test of TCS NQT but also, helped me for Interview Preparation. I read Interview Experiences of multiple students on PrepInsta Feed that gave me a idea about Interview Round.

I was very happy because all this happened because of them. Thank you :)

TCS NQT Logical Question and Answer Analytics

Stats About TCS NQT Logical Exam 2022

Number of Question 30 Questions
Difficulty High
Cut Off High

Topic- Wise Analytics

Blood Relations Question 0-4
Difficulty Medium
Immportance High
Arrangements Question 0-5
Difficulty High
Importance High
Venn Diagrams Question 0-5
Difficulty High
Importance High
Data Sufficiency Question 0-4
Difficulty Medium
Importance High
Visual and Spatial reasoning High 0-4
Difficulty Medium
Importance High
Syllogism Question 0-3
Difficulty High
Importance High
Word Pattern Question 0-1
Difficulty Medium
Importance Low
Decision Making Question 0-2
Difficulty Medium
Importance Medium
Letter Series Questions 0-2
Difficulty Low
Importance Medium
Statements and Assumptions Question 0-2
Difficulty Medium
Importance Low
Sataments and Conclusion, Arguments Question 0-1
Difficulty Medium
Importance Low