TCS NQT Registration Process and Link 2022

TCS NQT registration 2022

TCS NQT Registration Process

Greetings, PrepSters!! TCS NQT has been announced, and you can find all the details about the registration procedure for TCS NQT below.
The information provided here will assist you in registering for TCS NQT 2022.


30th August 2021 onwards

About the Test

  • Conducted online (at Home) and physical (In-Centre)
  • Apply for any entry-level role in any corporate with the NQT Score

Who can Apply

  • UG, PG and Diploma students in their pre-final and final year
  • Students with any degree or specialization/discipline.
  • Students with up to two years of prior work experience
TCS NQT Registration Process 2022


TCS NQTInformation
Degree HoldersB.E. / B.Tech / M.E. / M.Tech / MCA/ M.Sc
Mode of ExamOnline and Offline Both
Registration Starts On15th July 2021
Registration Ends on

15th August 2021


  1. There will be no negative marking.
  2. TCS NQT is adaptive this year.

What if I make a mistake on the registration form?

  • If you make a single error while filling out the TCS NQT 2022 Registration Form, your application will be cancelled, and you will not receive your Hall Ticket.
  • So go through the instructions above and only then fill out the form.
  • We’ve highlighted every conceivable blunder that might occur during the submission of the form.
  • Along with the errors, the right way to fill out the form is also stated.
Mistakes done in filling TCS NQT form

Step-Wise TCS NQT 2022 Registration Process For Freshers

  • Below here all the Step Wise TCS NQT 2022 Registration Process is explained.
  • Go through the steps in detailed so that you will not do not any mistake during Form Submission.

These 2 symbols are used in images to make the whole process easy.


Arrows indicates You have filled the Form correct

tcs nqt registration

If you have missed any part or filled the form in incorrect way

Steps to register TCS NQT

Step 1: How to Register for TCS NQT

  • Open the TCS NQT Registration Process Page in the another Tab
  • Then start filling the form by going through this page.
  • You will get the TCS NQT Registration Page by clicking on the button below

Go through the text and image thoroughly to complete the TCS NQT 2021 Registration Process.

steps to register for tcs nqt

Step 1 :
Click on Register Now

Open above page, however make sure that you keep this page open too for checking each step properly !

TCS NQT Regd Process Step 1
tcs nqt registration step 2
steps to register for tcs nqt

Step 2 : Select Category

On this slide you will get two options to select. Among the two options given you will have to select IT.

Part 2: Application Form and Personal Details

After creating account you will be redirected on this page to fill the other details.

After Clicking on Application form you have to submit 4 section

  • Personal Details
  • Academic Details
  • Subject NQT Test Details
  • Application form Submit

This is the most confusing section of the TCS NQT 2021 Registration Process For Freshers. So be very attentive while filling this section.

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steps to register for tcs nqt

Step 3 :
Personal Details

This is the easiest part of the form.

  • All you need to do is to fill your personal details correctly.
Tcs Nqt registration Personal details
tcs nqt registration educational details
steps to register for tcs nqt

Step 4 :
Educational Qualification


  • Select your Institute name, Qualification and Year of Passing by clicking on the drop down bar.
  • Select the nearest test location of your choice.
steps to register for tcs nqt

Step 5 : Answer Security Questions

You have to follow some security steps. They are just to make sure that the site isn’t accessed by any bot.

tcs nqt registration security
TCS NQT Confirm Details
steps to register for tcs nqt

Step 6 :
Confirm Details

After clicking on the submit button it will ask to confirm the details entered by you. If the entered details are correct, you can proceed furthur.

steps to register for tcs nqt

Step 7 :
Note down your Application ID

You will get your TCS NQT registration ID in this process.

TCS NQT Registration
TCS NQT application form
steps to register for tcs nqt

Step 8 :
Sign in to continue fillling application form

Once you will get the reference number you can continue to fill the application form by signing in.

steps to register for tcs nqt

Step 9 :
Continue Filling your Personal Details

Fill all the required details in the personal details section. Once the details are filled, You can proceed by clicking save and continue.

TCS NQT Registration Personal Details
TCS NQT Academic and Work Experience
steps to register for tcs nqt

Step 10 :
Academic and work experience details

In this section, you have to fill the information related to your education :

  • Higher qualification details
  • Graduation details
  • XII Grade or equivalent details
  • X Grade details
  • If you have done any other course, then you can mention that under “Any Other Qualification ” section.
  • Work Experience Details if any.

Press Save and Continue after filling the details.

steps to register for tcs nqt

Step 11 :
Other details

In this section you have to fill details mentioned below:

  • Nationality
  • Languages Known
  • Your Achievements ,Scholarships or certificates if any.
  • And last but not the least Your CV and your photograph.
TCS NQT Registration Other Details
TCS NQT Registration Process
steps to register for tcs nqt

Step 12 :
Application Form Preview and Declaration

This is the final section. Here you have to preview the application form by clicking on the Application Form Button and fill the declaration part.

steps to register for tcs nqt

Step 13 :
Apply for TCS Recruitment Drive

This section allows you to select the mode of your exam. If you want to appear from home then go for Remote else if you want to appear in exam from center decided by TCS then you can go for In-Center option.

TCS NQT Apply for recruitment drive
TCS NQT Registration process
steps to register for tcs nqt

Step 14 :
Status of Application Form

On this page you can see the status of your application form. If you want to track your application you can select on the tack my application option.

steps to register for tcs nqt

Step 15 :
Confirmation Mail

Once you successfully submit your registration form you will get the mail. 

TCS NQT Registration Confirmation mail
TCS NQT Syllabus 2022

Information about TCS Registration Process Steps 2022

Given below few points one must know while filling the form of TCS NQT Registration 2022:-
  • Make sure you are eligible for TCS NQT Registration Process.
  • If you will fill the form incorrectly your Registration will automatically get cancelled and you will not receive any Hall Ticket.
  • To ensure that you are filling the form in a correct way please go through the page in detail.

Basics Step for TCS NQT 2022 Registration Process For Freshers

Overview of Registration Steps

  • Go to the TCS NQT Registration Process link.
  • Then click on the Register now button.
  • Now If you have ID Password then login through it otherwise you have to create new account and only then you can login.
  • After clicking on the button fill the information correctly to create your account.
  • Now you need to fill all the details such as Personal Details, Academic Details, Examination Mode and Subject NQT Test to proceed the form.
  • You will be asked to upload your photograph
  • Verify the details again and then click on the submit button to Submit your form.
  • You will receive a confirmation mail from TCS.

Additional Information (FAQ's)

Shall I build my profile under the headings of ‘BPS’ or ‘IT’?

Students should build profiles in the category of “IT.”


If I already have a CT/DT reference number, what should I do? Is it necessary for me to re-register?

No, you do not have to re-register. Please complete the Application Form and click the ‘Apply for Drive’ button.

My profile was established wrongly under ‘BPS.’ What am I supposed to do now?

If you built your profile under BPS improperly, you will need to create it again under ‘IT’ using your own alternative Email ID.
Send an email to [email protected] if you want your BPS profile removed.

Is it possible to make adjustments to my profile because I committed certain errors?

Once the profile is in the Application Received / Applied for Drive state, only minor modifications may be made. As a result, we ask that you carefully fill out the application form.