What is TCS NQT 2022?

What is TCS NQT 2022?

What is National Qualifier Test (NQT)?

  • National Qualifier Test (NQT) is a General Ability Test that assesses a candidate in the following areas:
    • Verbal Ability : Tests reading comprehension and written communication.
    • Numerical Ability : Covers basic numerical and statistical operations and tests the candidate’s ability to infer meaning from numerical information.
    • Reasoning Ability : Tests the candidate’s ability to apply deductive and inductive logic, and critical thinking in solving everyday problems.
  • Ninja Hiring 2022:- For TCS Ninja hiring this year, the above mentioned sections will be the part of the first round of placement along with:-
    • Programming Logic :- Tests the theoretical knowledge of Technical Computer Programming.
    • Hands on Coding: – This measures Advance level Coding strength of the applicants.
  • Note: The test will be conducted in English language only.

TCS Ninja: TCS Ninja is a name given by TCS to recruit fresh graduates across India through a National Qualifier Test, students qualifying TCS Ninja get a package of around 3.5 LPA.

What is TCS NQT 2022
Registrations Starts on 16th July 2021
Registration Ends on 15th August 2021
Hall Ticket 2 days before exam
In-Center Test 30th August 2021

What are TCS NQT 2022 Highlights

TCS National Qualifier Test 2022

About National Qualifer Test (NQT)

It is a multi-level assessment that evaluates freshmen's skills and competency

Entry-level employment demand competency in the essential cognitive tasks.

The necessary cognitive tasks are required for entry-level job

What is TCS NQT Exam Pattern

Written Exam

Date of Exam: 30th August 2021 onwards

TCS NQT Exam Section Analysis

TCQ NQT contains the following 5 sections:

  • Numerical Ability – 26 Questions | 40 mins
  • Verbal Ability – 24 Questions | 30 mins
  • Reasoning Ability –  30 Questions | 50 mins
  • C MCQ (Programming Logic) – 10 Questions  | 15 mins
  • Coding (Hands on Exercise # 1) – 1 Question | 15 mins
  • Coding (Hands on Exercise # 2) – 1 Question | 30 mins

Difficulty: Medium to Hard

Allotted Time: 180 mins

  1. There will be no negative marking.
  2. TCS NQT is adaptive this year
  3. You will not get any extra rough paper in the exam as a calculator and Rough Paper will be available on your Desktop Screen. You are not allowed to move your eyes down while giving the examination.

TCS NQT 2022 Exam Pattern

TCS NQT Detailed Paper Pattern for 2022:

TCS NQT SectionNumber of QuestionsTotal TimeDifficulty LevelImportance
Numerical2640 minsMediumHigh
Verbal2430 minsMediumHigh
Reasoning3050 minsMediumHigh
Programming Logic1015 minsHighHigh
Coding245 minHighHigh

What are TCS NQT 2022 Interview Rounds

TCS NQT has 2 interview rounds, Technical Interview followed by HR interview

Technical Interview

  • Learn Basic Coding Languages like C and C++
  • Learn Basic Questions on :
    • C Prog
    • DSA
    • OOPS
    • Software Engineering
  • Learn In depth about Final Year Project
  • Choose Your Strongest Coding Languages
  • Learn Basic Programs on C :
    • Procedural Programs
    • Palindrome
    • Recursion
  • Learn all the languages mentioned in your Resume

HR/ MR Interview

  • Work on Your Ethics and Values
  • Have a Strong Grip on Vocabulary
  • Always mention about “Growth from Learning New Experiences”
  • Click on the button below for All the Questions
  • Learn Basics of Managerial Qualities
  • Talk about all the managerial works in the past
  • Have a Strong Grip on Vocabulary
  • Click on button below to find MR Round Questions
TCS NQT Apply Link

Apply Now

TCS NQT Registration link for 2022 batch has been announced. The registration is happening via TCS Next-Step Platforms . You can begin your registration by clicking on the link below:-

What is TCS NQT Eligibility Criteria

Eligibility criteria for TCS NQT 2022 all the Streams of Engineering Students in UG/PG are eligible.



QualificationFULL TIME GRADUATES FROM B.E / B.TECH / M.E / M.TECH of 2021 batch
Eligible Streams from UG/PGAll Engineering Streams.
Percentage Criteria60% throughout Academics in X/XII/UG/PG
Backlog Criteria1 Active Backlog at the time of appearing for the Exam
Gap CriteriaOverall Gap in Academic Career not to exceed 2 years

What is TCS NQT Syllabus

Topics asked in Aptitude(Arranged by Importance Order) –

  • Geometry
  • Series and Progressions
  • Reasoning
  • Sudoku
  • Probability
  • Permutation and Combination
  • Time Speed Distance
  • Equations
  • Simple and Compound Interest
  • Ratio and Proportions
  • Work and Time
  • Number System
  • LCM & HCF
  • more + (other topics given below on the page)

Note – Topics like blood relations and functions are not asked in exam at all. Most website just copy-paste random topics of Aptitude. Only PrepInsta does extensive research and breakdown.

Additional Information

  • No of Questions – 26 Questions
  • Cut-off- None
  • Sectional Time – 40 mins

Topic asked in TCS NQT Verbal

  • Grammar
    • Articles
    • Most confused words
    • Subject-Verb Agreement
    • Nouns
    • Tenses
    • Modals
    • Spellings
  • More

Additional Information

  • No of Questions –24 Questions
  • Cut-Off – None
  • Sectional Time – 30 mins

Topics asked in Logical Reasoning Ability

  • Meaningful Word Creation
  • Number Series
    • Missing Number Single
    • Missing Number Analogy
  • Blood Relations
  • Coding-Decoding
  • Ages
  • Data Sufficiency
    • Rank Based Logic
    • Ages
  • Seating Arrangement (Easy)
  • Seating Arrangement (Complex)
  • Odd Man Out
    • Numbers
    • Logical
  • Distance and Directions
  • Statement and Conclusion
  • Analogy
  • Mathematical Operational Arrangement
  • Symbols and Notations
  • More Topics

Additional Information

  • Total Number of Questions – 30 Questions
  • Cut-Off – None
  • Time – 50 mins

Topics asked in Programming Logic

  • Data Types
  • Input-Output (based on C)
  • Functions and Scope
  • Inbuilt Libraries (based on C)
  • Variables and Registers
  • Command Line Programming
  • Pointers
  • Call by value/reference
  • Iteration
  • Recursion
  • More

Additional Information

  • Total Number of Questions – 10 Questions
  • Cut-Off – None
  • Time – 15 mins

TCS NQT Coding Section Syllabus

Practice the following topics to strengthen this section:

  • C
  • C++
  • Java
  • Perl
  • Python
  • More

Additional Information

  • No of Questions – 2 Question
  • Cut-Off – None
  • Sectional Time – 15 mins & 30 mins

How to Prepare for TCS NQT 2021

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Additional Information (FAQ's)

Has TCS NQT Written Exam pattern has been changed?

Yes, there is a complete change in TCS NQT 2022 Placement Exam, now Verbal Section and Logical Sections are also included with added topics, stage 2 which is also important as it will have Programming Logic MCQ and 2 Coding Questions.

Do TCS NQT change their selection criteria every year?

Yes, TCS is very dynamic with their selection. They keep on implementing new things in their selection .

Which branches are Eligible for TCS NQT 2022?

For B.E./ B.Tech all streams are eligible like CSE, IT, ECE, ME, CE, etc
But for M.E./ M.Tech only circuital branches like CSE, IT, ECE etc are eligible.

What are the steps to register for National Qualifier Test (NQT)?

  • Following is the step-by-step to register for “National Qualifier Test (NQT)”:
      • Click on “REGISTER NOW” button on the TCS page
      • Login with your TCS Next Step credentials, if you are an existing user


    • Sign up if you are a new user and enter all the required details. Once you have completed the sign up, you can proceed with the NQT registration.
    • Fill in all the required details once the registration page opens.
    • Click on “Submit” to complete the registration.
    • You will receive a successful registration message on your registered email ID/mobile number.
    • You can view the registration details from the above tabs like Academic and work details, other details etc
    • Agree to TCS Terms and Conditions.
    • Now apply option will come for TCS Recruitment Drive and choose the test mode according to your preference.
  • Note: Please ensure that your email ID and mobile number are correctly entered. All test related communication will be sent on the email ID/mobile number provided by you

Who can apply for the National Qualifier Test (NQT)?

Candidates eligible to apply for the National Qualifier Test (NQT) should meet the below eligibility criteria:

  • UG, PG and Diploma students in their pre-final and final year of study
  • Students with any degree and specialisation/discipline
  • Freshers with less than 2 years of experience
  • Age limit – minimum 18 years and maximum 28 years

What are the different modes of assessment available?

  • For the August 2022 schedule, National Qualifier Test (NQT) will be conducted in 2 modes:
    • 1. Online Remote Proctored Assessment
    • 2. In-Centre Assessment conducted at TCS iON Digital Zones
  • You can choose one of these options while registering, based on the computer and network infrastructure availability at your home.

When should I opt for Online Remote Proctored Assessment or In-Centre Assessment modes?


  • You should opt for Online Remote Proctored Assessment, if you want to take it online using a laptop/desktop. Please make sure the following requirements are met. Mobile devices are not supported for this assessment.
    • Windows/Ubuntu OS
    • Google Chrome browser
    • Minimum 2 mbps Internet connectivity
    • A working webcam
  • If you do not have the required infrastructure for the Online Remote Proctored Assessment, you can choose In-Centre option to appear for the test physically from a TCS iON Digital Zone.


Where can I view my completed registration details? How can I edit my submitted application?

You can view the registration details from ‘Track My Application” on the “TCS Next Step” page, using your TCS credentials. You can edit your application on or before the registration closure date.

Can I change my mode of test, from Online Remote Proctored Assessment to In-Centre or vice versa?

No you can not change the mode of the test once you choose it, so we recommend you to choose wisely.

What happens if I am unable to give the NQT because of power failure or due to my inability to travel to the test centre?


  • For Online Remote Proctored Assessment:

    In genuine cases, as confirmed by the remote proctor who is monitoring your test, you will be given additional time in line with the time lost due to such issues, up to a maximum of 30 minutes. You can also take the next NQT, in the next cycle, as and when the dates are announced.

  • For In-Centre Assessment:

    Since NQTs are planned to be conducted every quarter, you can take the next NQT, in the next cycle, as and when the dates are announced


How do I familiarise myself with Online Remote Proctored Assessment? If I face any issues during the test, whom should I reach out to?

TCS iON will share links for taking mock tests on your registered email ID. You can take the mock test to familiarise yourself with the whole test. If you face any issues during the test, you can reach out to the TCS iON HelpDesk (1800 266 6282) for support.


How will the results be communicated?

After you complete the test, results will be screened and your scores will be shared to your registered email ID and mobile number that you provided during the test registration. This may take up to 3 days. In case you do not get your score within 3 days, you can reach out to TCS iON HelpDesk (1800 266 6282).