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Rules For Fill In The Blanks

Fill in the blanks

In ‘Fill in the blanks’ ( kind of Sentence completion), students are given an incomplete sentence or phrases with more than one or two words missing in the complete sentence, and there are four options. The students need to choose the right option (word/set of words) to fill the gaps and make the sentence whole. Once you are done with the answer, choose the correct appropriate answer, and mark it.

Rukes for fill in the blanks

Rules for Fill in the blanks

Here are some tips to answer the fill in the blanks questions. Refer to the below rules before attempting the questions to fill in the correct answers.

  1. Get a rough idea of the theme or the paragraph before finding the right choices. Read the sentences carefully and think about the possible words that can fit within them.
  2. Check the given answers and try to relate the answers which you thought could fit in the context.
  3. Insert the possible word in the sentence and then read it again to check whether it makes sense or if it is the right option for the specific blank given.
  4. Identify if the inserted word gives the proper or required meaning.
  5. After filling the blanks, check if there is no grammatical mistake in it, if yes then try to replace it with other options given in the following list.
  6. You must have good vocabulary skills to address the questions like fill in the blanks is the most score gaining section within the English Language.
  7. Some questions may have idioms and phrases, for which you need to be well acquainted or have knowledge of the missing word in the given idiom or phrase.
  8. After choosing the missing words, read the sentences to make sure that the meaning of the same is not changed.
  9. In case you are stuck on one blank, then try the hit & trial method where you can try all the given options one by one to check which one is suitable or fit the context.
  10. It is necessary you understand the context of the paragraph or blank in order to avoid flaws or wrong answers.
  11. Keep a watch on the grammatical areas while attempting the questions. Articles and prepositions must be taken care of while matching the answers from the given choices.
  12. A logical meaning should come out after inserting the answer.

Single Blank type of Fill in the Blanks 

Question 1: 

I purposely ______ meet you during my last visit to Mumbai.

  1. didn’t
  2. won’t
  3. hadn’t
  4. wouldn’t

Answer: 1- didn’t

Question 2: 

We live in a ______ age; everyone thinks that maximizing pleasure is the point of life.

  1. propitious
  2. ubiquitous
  3. sporadic
  4. hedonistic

Answer: 4- hedonistic

Multiple Blank types of Fill in the Blanks

Question 1:

Earlier homemade rafts dumped their waste into the water ______, but by June the _____ rafts were mostly gone, banned under new state law.

  1. untreated, unsightly
  2. artfully, dismal
  3. openly, few
  4. flagrantly, petty

Answer: 1- untreated, unsightly

Question 2:

Through World economy is still _____ it is far more _____ than how it was a few months ago.

  1. gloomy, restrained
  2. untamed, authentic
  3. sluggish, tumultuous
  4. elusive, hospitable

Answer: 4- elusive, hospitable

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