Tips And Tricks And Shortcuts for Selecting words

Tips and Tricks and Shortcuts for Selecting Words

Tips and Tricks and Shortcuts for Selecting Words is given here on this page!!

For selecting words you will be provided with sentences with missing words. You have to fill the missing words with correct options.

The questions of selecting words are similar to sentence completion or filling in the blanks. You will have to first read the sentence carefully and understand the meaning of the sentence. After that go through the options carefully and understand the meaning of each option carefully. Then opt for the correct answer.

This round is included because this helps to check the vocabulary of the student as well as to check the grammar rules.

Tips and Tricks for Selecting Words

Tips and Tricks and Shortcuts For Selecting Words- Stepwise Approach

Mentioned below are few tips and tricks of selecting words:

Step 1: Don’t jump directly on the options

Before jumping on to the options and answer first go through the sentence. Read the sentence carefully and understand what the sentence conveys and then only look for the options.

Step 2: Elimination

After understanding the sentence you can move to the options. You can eliminate the option which shows a totally different meaning or opposite meaning of the sentence. This will help you in solving the questions easily.

Step 3: Grammar rules

Grammar hints should be carefully observed. Grammatical hints can be extremely useful in determining the correct responses.

Step 4: Do not alter the meaning of sentence

Look for the options only when you are very sure about the meaning of sentence. Do not create meanings by your own or do not go for options which you are not sure about.

Step 5: Improve your Vocabulary

Improving your vocabulary and usage will help you do better since understanding the meaning of the terms can help you locate the proper answer.

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Do's and Dont's of Selecting Words

Do’s of Selecting Words:

  • Work on your vocabulary. 
  • Understand the meaning of sentence carefully.
  • Recognize the sentence’s logical structure.
  • Understanding and knowledge of common idioms and phrases

Dont’s of Selecting words:

  • Don’t spend a lot of time on one question.
  • Do not interpret the meaning of sentence by your own.
  • Do not jump on the options directly.
  • Avoid overthinking and analysing a question.

Sample Questions - Tips and Tricks and Shortcuts for Selecting Words

Sample Questions are given here.

Question 1.

This potentially _________ vow was honourably fulfilled.


A.  Beautiful
B.  Healing
C.  Congestion
D.  Hazardous

Correct option: D


Hazardous is a word that means “risky” or “dangerous.”

All other words have different or opposite meaning. So Option D is the correct answer here.

Question 2.

We have made incredible progress despite using extremely ________ technology.


A.  Primitive
B.  Recorded
C.  Advanced
D.  None of the above.

Correct option: A


Primitive refers to, denotes, or preserves the characteristics of something at an early stage in its evolutionary or historical history.

Hence option A is the correct one.

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