Tips and Tricks and Shortcuts for Sentence Completion

Tips and Tricks and Shortcuts for Sentence Completion

If you want to know the Tips and Tricks and Shortcuts for Sentence Completion,then you’re on the right page!

Sentence Completion is a major part of any Verbal Ability Section because it not only encompasses vocabulary, synonym and antonym,  but also other fill in the blanks type topics as well.

For Sentence Completion you might have a single sentence or more (passage) with a few blanks (one or more) and you need to fill in those blanks with options given to you to complete the sentence.

Tips and Tricks for Sentence Completion

Tips and Tricks and Shortcuts for Sentence Completion

Given below are some easy tips and tricks that you can follow to solve Sentence Completion questions:

Tip 1 – Check the Number of Blanks:

If you have a single blank to complete the sentence, then look for the hints and word charge. If you have more than one blank then it is best you go for backtracking the options and blanks. This helps in easy elimination and answering.

Tip 2 – Contextual Meaning:

Firs tread the sentence and understand the context that is stated. Then you can attempt to visualize and answer the question. but remember, use a word that when filled in, does not change the meaning or the underlying context of the sentence. be very careful.

Tip 3 – Order of Words:

In English Grammar, the order of words is very important. There is a structure that you need to maintain. This is mostly related to the Parts of Speech. You need to know where to use a noun followed by a pronoun and same goes with adjectives or other grammar clues.

Tip 4 – Correct Grammar:

Even when you think that the word you choose as the answer is correct, you need to be double sure if you don;t know the exact meaning of the word. In case you go just with your guess you might go wrong and it will be incorrect. Grammar needs to be kept in mind especially in terms of phrase and sentence based questions.

Tip 5 – Visualize:

make it a habit that you first visualize your answer (read the sentence and think of a possible word to fill in). This makes it easy for you to not go wrong and choose the right word that suits your concept.

Tip 6 – Similar Options:

There might be instances where you find two or more options, sometimes all of the options are synonymous to each other but be very careful. You will have to choose a word that fits correctly in the context given to you.

Tip 7 – Increase Vocabulary Skill:

The most important point to improve your score in sentence completion is increasing and improving your vocabulary. You can do this in several ways:

  • Read English books, articles, newspapers
  • Learn 5-10 new words everyday along with the meaning
  • Converse with people in English
  • Know the basics of grammar
  • Practice questions everyday
  • Learn from your mistakes and remember them.

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Tips and Tricks and Shortcuts for Sentence Completion

Check out some Sentence Completion related questions below:

Question 1.

My friend has good __________ over English and Hindi.

a. authority
b. command
c. expertise
d. hold

Correct Option: B


When you say or interpret that someone is very fluent in a language, it means that the person has a good command over it.

Question 2.

The bus met with an accident and was _____ the traffic, so he had a hard time driving through the downtown.

a. obstructing
b. obviating
c. hiding
d. disturbing

Correct Option: A


In this question we see that a supporting signpost word is used, which means that the two sentence are co-related. The context here is that the bus met with an accident (negative) so the following clause will also be negative. Now the person was having a hard time driving that means there were obstacles in the way. Hence, we go with the word ‘obstructing’.

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