Arrangement of 10 Coconuts in a Line

Line Arrangement of 10 Coconuts

Arrangement of 10 Coconuts in a Line

Aman is given a task to arrange 10 coconuts in a particular structure. The premise, rule and objective for the Arrangement of 10  coconuts is given below. Read them properly and find the solution for the same.

Premise – The task is to arrange coconuts as a Line.

Rule – Each line contains 4 coconuts.

Objective – To arrange the coconuts in 5 lines such that each line contains 4 coconuts.

Solution for Arranging Coconuts in a Line

As we know the rule and objective for this puzzle we can achieve our aim by following the below steps:-

  • Draw a star with pentagon in the middle of it.
  • Now arrange coconuts on the intersection points of the two lines.
  • This way we have arranged first five coconuts.
  • Now, put each coconut on the vertices of the star or the extended vertices of a pentagon.
  • Now, all the 10 coconuts are arranged in the form of lines.
  • Now if you see any line, each line consists 4 coconuts.

Therefore, we have arranged our task of arranging 10 coconuts in 5 lines in such a manner that each line has 4 coconuts.

Line Arrangement of 10 Coconuts
Line Arrangement of 10 Coconuts

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