Cognizant Interview Questions 2020

CTS Interview Questions for Freshers 2020

Cognizant uses AMCAT for Off Campus and MeritTrac of On Campus Written Round. If they are hiring for a package of 6.5LPA then they use AMCAT but syllabus is different.

Once, you have cleared the written round. The interview process will start, on this page you will find everything about Cognizant Interview Questions for all the different interview Round conducted by them.

Cognizant Interview Questions for Freshers 2018 round

Cognizant Interview Questions Set 1

How To Solve Quickly PrepInsta

Ques. What is Assembler, Linker, Loader and Compiler?

  • Assembler – Assembler is a program which converts assembly language into machine code
  • Compiler – Compiler is a program that converts a number of statement of program into binary language, but it is more intelligent than interpreter because it goes through the entire code at once and can tell the possible errors and limits and ranges
  • Interpretor – An interpreter is also a program like a compiler that converts assembly language into binary but an interpreter goes through one line of code at a time
  • Linker – Linker is a program that holds one or more object files which is created by compiler, combines them into one executable file
  • Loader – Loader is a program that loads machine codes of a program into the system memory.It is part of the OS of the computer that is responsible for loading the program. It is the bare beginning of the execution of a program.

You can read more about it here – Assembler Compiler Interpreter Linker Loader

Cognizant Interview Pattern 2020

Cognizant has two different interview processes, based on the reputation of the college

Interview Process for Grade A colleges like – VIT, NITs, Manipal etc

  • Written Round
  • HR Interview Round

Interview Process for Grade B and C colleges most state colleges

  • Written Round
  • Technical Interview Round (Technical + Coding)
  • HR Interview Round

If applying for off Campus drive then doesn’t matter which Grade college yours is, Technical Interview Round will be there.

Cognizant Interview Round Questions – Technical

This round is only conducted in Grade B colleges, Cognizant doesn’t conduct this round for grade A colleges, instead they directly conduct HR round in such colleges.

You should check with your placements department of the email that CTS sent to your college describing the placement process.

On our Technical Interview Dashboard you will find all the most asked questions and tips and tricks to clear this round.

Along with this technical questions the interviewer will also ask some basic Coding Questions that you can find on our TCS Coding Interview Dashboard

For CS/IT – Deep questions on C/ C++ or Java / OOPS/ DBMS / OS / Software Engineering / Project

For Non CS/IT – C/OOPS/ branch specific basic questions/ Project specific questions

CTS Interview Round Questions – Coding

Along with the technical questions on our Technical Interview Dashboard, some basic to moderate in difficulty coding questions are also asked even if you’re from CS/IT or non CS/IT branch.

Visit our CTS Coding Dashboard to study.

Cognizant Interview Questions – HR

This section is asked in both Grade A colleges and Grade B/C colleges.

There are just 50 questions(given on our Dashboard) that will cover 95% of all questions asked in the interview by the HR.

Cognizant Interview Experience Dashboard

Find the latest Interview Experiences submitted by students who attended the CTS Interviews.

You can also find AMCAT Written test post Interview Questions here.

Cognizant Interview Questions for Freshers Facts

Cognizant InterviewCoding QuestionsProgramming BasicsTotal Time for TechnicalHR InterviewTime of HR
CS/ITModerate DifficultyModerate Difficulty20 – 30 minsEasy10 – 15 mins
Non CS/ITEasy DifficultyModerate Difficulty20 – 30 minsEasy10 – 15 mins
  • Name: Karthik Shennoy
  • Branch: Computer Science
  • College: Hindustan College of Engineering
  • Type of Interview: Off-Campus (3.38 LPA)

Student Interview

I attended my Cognizant interview through the off-campus mode. The total off-campus interview took place in two steps majorly, AMCAT written test and the Interview. The AMCAT test involved a written test at its test centre and a coding test from home through AMCAT Automata. On the other hand, the interview was further divided into two rounds:

  1. Technical
  2. HR

The entire process takes quite a long time of two weeks if you cross through all the milestones.

Round 1: AMCAT Online Test
This round played a vital role in the selection process. There were total four sections namely, Quantitative Aptitude, Logical Reasoning, Verbal Ability, and Coding.

PART AQuantitative Ability16 Questions18 Minutes
PART BLogical Ability18 Questions16 Minutes
PART CVerbal Ability14 Questions16 Minutes

The last section, “Programming” was not of much importance. It was essential to score 75% aggregate and 60% in each section to clear the AMCAT Online Test. For passing the test, it was sufficient to walk-through PrepInsta practice questions. There was no negative marking across all the sections. I was shortlisted in the first level, i.e., AMCAT off-campus drive. It was after a week when I received the mail of getting selected.

Round 2: Coding

The best part about Automata AMCAT coding round was that one can appear for the test while sitting at home, college premises, or any cybercafé. But, while giving the test, it was mandatory to switch on the webcam audio and video for the authorities to assure that there is no cheat or invalid means adopted for clearing the round. The round combats two questions that need to be answered within a time frame of 60 minutes.

The first questions were about creating a star pattern and second questions asked for forming a harder pattern. Therefore, the difficulty level of both the problems was different; one was easy while other was tough to solve. I could quickly answer both the problems as I practiced them before. Again, thanks to PrepInsta.  

A week later, I got and email saying that I got selected for the interview rounds, i.e., Technical and HR Round.

Round 3: Technical

I was a little nervous before getting into the question-answer round. But, as soon as it started, it was just about the questions that came from the other side of the table and answer rolling through my end. The interviewer asked 6-7 questions, out of which I could answer only five. Let me put them in front of you:

  1. Tell me something about yourself
  2. Tell me about your project? How many team members were there? What was your role in the completion of the project?
  3. Did you face any difficulty while doing the project? And how did you resolve it?
  4. What programming languages do you know?
  5. Write a program to print first 10 Fibonacci series.

Overall, the interview was good. I was expecting a positive response and thereby, looking forward to the next round of HR. After I was done answering all the questions, the interview smiled and said, “All the best for the HR round.” Smiles allover.

Round 5: HR

Well, I took hardly 15 minutes in one-on-one conversation with company HR. He kept a few questions, such as why should we hire you, what are your strengths and weaknesses, etc. Despite checking the accuracy and appropriateness, the questions were merely to test the confidence level and communication skills.

In the end, he gave me a sheet of paper and asked me to read the last line and if I agree then sign on it. I was delighted and signed on it. He told me to wait for the orientation session. It was after a week that I received my joining letter. I think that it is essential to have a good command of technical concepts and communication to clear the interview.

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