How Do You Handle Your Stress?

How Do You Manage Your Stress?

One of the most common HR interview questions is “How do you manage your stress?” or “How do you handle stress?” On this page, you will find how you can answer these questions in an HR Interview.

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  • Why: “How do you handle stress” question is asked?
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  • Best Answers for: “How do you handle your stress?”
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Why: “How do you handle stress” question is asked?

Stress is a compulsory part of jobs. No matter the position or profile stress comes with every job. The aim of asking this question is to see what a candidate considers “stressful” and how they manage said “stressful” situations. There can be various things depending on the individual as to what is causing them stress. For some, it could be not meeting deadlines and for some, it could be not getting the desired outcome. Similarly, stress coping mechanisms are different for each individual. A candidate with a healthy stress coping mechanism will be good for the company.

How to Answer: “How are you able to handle your stress?”

This question is tricky and you have to answer accordingly. Simply saying that you do not take any stress will come off as pretentious or not considerate. However, if you make it sound like you are someone who stresses over everything then you will be considered an unreliable employee. 

Below we have mentioned some guidelines on how you can answer this question:-

Important Points to Avoid:-

Sample Answers: “How do you handle Stress?"

Refer the sample answers given below.

Answer 1:

Working under stress, in my opinion, can also be beneficial rather than harmful or depressing. It has taught me how to set priorities and maintain a work-life balance. There was a time when I had three assignments due in the same week, but I worked diligently and finished all three of them on time because I carefully coordinated and scheduled my working time on each of them. I was able to complete them in a stress-free manner and efficiently at the same time due to my preparation and prioritization.

Answer 2:

For me, it’s more important to respond to the condition rather than reacting towards the stress. This actually assists me in dealing with the emergent situation without being panicking. Instead of dwelling, I develop results. For example – In my previous work, I focused on the problem with hands on experience while dealing with every client. I can interact efficiently with the customers, which is a trait that keeps me stress-free. I have learned this over a period of time and now I am well aware how to keep the stress relievers at bay.

Answer 3:

Over time, stress has proven to be a powerful motivator for me. When I know what my boss expects from me and when will a decent amount of pressure will help me to improve my productivity and deliver better results. I’ve also came across a few frustrating scenarios that effects my efficiency to buckle down. In such scenarios, I work twice as hard as normal, and hence I’ve found that the efforts I deliver to a mission were commendable while working under pressure.

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