How Do You Manage Your Stress?

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How do you manage Your stress?

How do you manage your stress is one of the frequent asked question in HR Round. Almost all jobs have their Stress Quotient ranging to a complete 100, and it’s important to have the qualities or directions that help you manage it with utmost effectiveness and productivity.

The interviewers love to ask these questions because they want to evaluate your level of stress management and how pressure affects you.

To gather points for this question it’s important that you answer it with practicality, sighting examples and results with the interviewer to get him on your side.

How to Answer "How Do You Manage Your Stress Question"?

You’ll have to get your reply prepared to respond appropriately to this question, because “I ever get stressed” isn’t the answer that the interviewer looking for. You aren’t a robot after all, everyone gets burdened by stress sometime maybe at work or at home. But STRESS is universal.

Employers want to hire employees who have the strength to work under stressful  situations and solve problems instead of avoiding them. They want to know that you will not succumb to the stress and give up on your work or responsibilities or pass off your duties onto everyone else.


  • Share a story – Interviewers love to hear examples and stories which reflect the positive attitude and vibe. Talk about any real work experience where you handled stress and accomplished a strenuous task.
  • Explain your technique of dealing with it – Talk about ways or means that you use to deal with stress and cope with the situation. These may include practices meditation, yoga, stress management activities, cancelling external disturbances, prioritizing work according to importance or deadline etc.
  • Symbolize Stress as a motivator for you – Let the interviewer know that you don’t crumble under stress but use it as a motivator to complete a task. How approaching deadlines, commitments and piles of task motivate you to clear all the cobwebs in your mind and plan out your work with clarity of thoughts and actions.
  • Bring out the skills that stress teaches you: A proper planned action to deal with stress can teach you several skills that you may otherwise lack. Talk to the interviewer about these soft skills. They can be:
        • Time management
        • Prioritization
        • Organization
        • Productivity
  • Describe your goals and ambitions: Having stress as a motivator can lead you to do a task with full force. However, you may sometimes deflect from the path, so having a goal to reach through the project help you to keep motivated and going.

You need to remember that you do not push through the question during the interview. Do not resort to any stupid or inconsiderate answer such as “I do not stress at all” , “Stress doesn’t affect me in any way” , “I don’t handle stress well on my part.”. These are not the answers that an interviewer might want to see in his employee.

Best Possible Answers for "How do you manage Your stress"?

Possible Answer:

I feel that sometimes working under pressure can do more good than bad. It has taught me how to prioritize and balance my work life. There was a time when I had three consecutive assignments due for the same week, but I worked hard and completed all the three assignments before time because I meticulously organized and planned my working time on each of the three. All thanks to my planning and prioritization, I could be stress free and productive at the same time.

Possible Answer:

Well for me, reacting to  situations rather than to stress is more important. This genuinely helps me to combat any urgent situation without stressing a lot. For example, when I dealt with any client in my last job, rather than focusing on how stressed I am getting because of the client, I focus on the task at hand. I have the ability to communicate effectively with clients which is a positive thing that keeps me de-stressed. I have learnt this in a course of time and now I know how keep the stress busters away.

Possible Answer:

Stress has proved to be a big motivator for me over the time. A good amount of pressure helps me increase my efficiency, produce quality work when i know what my managers need from me and when. I’ve experienced handful of stressful situations that has brought my team to buckle up and work twice as hard as we normally did and we’ve seen that our contributions to a task during stress is commendable.


Why do employers ask about stress and pressure during an interview?

The interviewers have a knack to check whether the candidate will be able to handle pressure in his job profile or not. Hence, this question surfaces during the interview.

What type of candidates do the interviewers hire when they ask this question?

Interviewers appreciate candidates who know how to positively react to stress and handle it. A candidate who:
  • Is motivated by healthy pressure.
  • Uses stress to produce quality with full efficiency.
  • Knows how to plan ahead and avoid unnecessary stress
  • Makes a note of stressful elements and tries to overcome them in the upcoming tasks