Types of Software Testing

Software Testing Types

Types of Software Testing :-

There are two types of software testing which is done by software testers.

  1. Black box testing
  2. White box testing


1. Black Box Testing :

Black box testing is also called Behavioral testing.

Black box testing is a type of Software testing which is used to verify the software product without understanding the interior code structure, implementation information and knowledge of internal paths of the program.

In Black-Box Testing, testers gives inputs and check outputs of the software system and testers don’t know about the interior setup.


Types of Black Box Testing :-

There are various types of Black Box Testing but the given below are the important ones :

  • Functional testing – This black box testing type is based on the functional requirements of a program.
  • Non-functional testing – This type of black box testing is not based on testing of working. This testing evaluates the system performance, maintainability and uses.
  • Regression testing -This testing is done for checking the modified code has not alter the existing code. This testing is done after fixing the bugs or modifies the code.

Techniques of Black Box testing :-

Following are some techniques that can be used for black box test cases-

  • Equivalence Partitioning
  • Boundary Value Analysis
  • Cause-Effect Graph

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2.White box testing :

White box testing is also called structural testing.

white box testing is a type of testing in which testers knows the internal logic, design and working of the code and execute test cases.

In white box testing, tester selects inputs to exercise paths through the code and determines the corresponding outputs.

Techniques of White Box testing :-

  • Statement Coverage
  • Branch Coverage
  • Path Coverage

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