What is Software Testing?

Software Testing

Software testing is the process to ensure that the software product is error free or not ?

Testing process is used to identify that the software product fulfills the requirements of the customer.

In another words, testing is defined as the execution of the software product to find the errors present in the system.

This process is done for checking that the software product works according to the design and implementation of the software or not ?

To check the maintainability and the performance of the software product, software testing is used.

Software testing is an activity which uses during the various phases of the software development life cycle.

These members or professionals  are involved in the software testing process –

  • software developers
  • software testers
  • Project Manager/Leader
  • Customers

Software developers are the members who develop or build the software product.

Software testers are the members who tests the software product.

Project leader is the one who leads or manages the entire project and takes the responsibility of the project and deals with the customers.

This activity is depends on which development model is being used to develop a software. 

Software Testing

Requirement of Software Testing :-

  1.  Customer Satisfaction
  2.  To check the software maintainability and performance
  3.  For safety and risk handling
  4.  For saving money 

Steps of the software testing :-

1. Verification: verification is the process done by software developers to ensure that the software product is correctly developed or not ?

2. Validation: validation is the process done by the software testers to check that the software testers builds the right software ?