Software Evolution

Software Evolution

  • Software evolution is the process of developing and updating a software for different reasons.
  •  In software development lifecycle, there are many phases/stages where new requirements are emerged and implemented so organizations prefers changing and evolving in the software rather than making a new software product.
  • Software Evolution refers to :
  1.  changing in software
  2.  maintaining the software 

   What are the factors where changes are needed in the software ?

  • For changing the business environment.
  • New requirements are proposed during SDLC.
  • For debugging.
  • To change the procedures.
  • In adding new resources and computer systems.
  • To increase the performance of the software product.


Software Evolution

       How to maintain a software ?

  •    The software maintenance is done for increasing the system performance.
  •     To detect and correct the bugs present in the software product.
  •     Update and change in the software    

        Types of software maintenance:

  1.    Corrective Maintenance :: To correct any type of error present in the software product, the corrective maintenance is used.
  2.    Adaptive Maintenance :: As new technology emerges, the software is updated by taking up the adaptive maintenance.
  3.    Perfective Maintenance :: The object of perfective maintenance is to improve software reliability and performance and adding some new things in software product.
  4.    Preventive Maintenance ::  There is need of updation to prevention or correction of future errors of the software.