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Wipro NLTH Recruitment Process 2020

Wipro Elite | National Level Talent Hunt Recruitment process

Wipro has just announced its Elite National Level Talent hunt Test for 2020 batches.This is a great opportunity for students who are willing to work in wipro.Wipro Recruitment process consist of following Sections:-

  • Online Test
  • Technical interview
  • HR Interview

Wipro NLTH is Conducted to hire most deserving students from all over India. So don’t miss this opportunity and Prepare for it. Here Below You can Register here for Wipro NLTH.

Wipro NLTH Recruitment Process
TestWipro Elite NLTH 2020
QualificationBE, B.Tech, 5 Year Integrated – M.Tech
Online Testyet to be announce
DesignationProject Engineer
Year of Passing2020 Passouts

Round 1:-Online Test



Aptitude Test

Number of Questions:-15 each Section

  • Verbal
  • Quants
  • Logical



Coding Ability

Number of Questions-: 2



Essay Writing

Number of Questions -: 1

Round 2:-Technical Interview:-

  • When you will clear Online Test you are able to give Technical Interview round. This is the most Important Round for cracking Wipro NLTH Placement Paper.
  • In this Round you will be facing a pannel of 2-3 executives,they will be asking a questions about your Projects,Internships and technical Subjects.
  • The Most important thing while going for technical Interview is  to prepare your Resume well.Don’t Mention any Technical Skill or Something which you dont know.It will give a negative Impact to Interviewer.

NOTE:-Now,Sometimes they also ask Some general Questions so prepare yourself for these Scenario too.

Round 3:-HR Interview :-

  • In HR Interview of Wipro NLTH,they will judge your Personality,Strength,Weakness etc.
  • In this Round you need to take care of few things:-
  • Be Confident
  • Don’t Try to fake Yoursel
  • Go through your Resume
  • Know about the Company

Wipro NLTH Recruitment Process 2020-2021:-

SectionNumber of Questions Total Time Difficulty Level
Aptitude1560 Min (Shared with Logical and Verbal)High
Logical Reasoning1560 Min (Shared with Quants and Verbal)High
Verbal1560 Min (Shared with Quants and Logical)Medium
Coding260 MinutesHigh
Essay Writing120 MinMedium

Wipro NLTH Selection Criteria 2020-2021:-

  • A Candidate Must have 60% in 10th,12th (Diploma)and Graduation

  • A Candifdate should not have any Backlog at the time of Wipro NLTH Recruitment process.
  • Eligible Passing Year:-2020 Passouts
  • Qualification Required:-B.E,,5 Year Integrated M.Tech
  • Branches:- All Streams
  • Service Agreeement:-Applicable for 15 months post joining @ INR 75,000 on pro rata basis
  • The education Gap should be of maximum 3 years,if any is allowed Between 10th and 12th.
  • Candidates who have participated in any wipro Interview process in the last 6 months are not eligible.
  • Should be Indian Citizen or should carry a PIO or OCI card, in case holding a passport of any other country.
  • Citizenship Certificates are required for the following Country.
    • Nepal
    • Bhutan
  • The Candidate must not have any pending attendence requirement with the college.
Wipro nlth hiring process

Wipro NLTH Elite Recruitment Process 2020-21| FAQs

Question : What are the steps followed in the Recruitment process of Wipro NLTH ?

Answer: The following steps are followed in Wipro NLTH Recruiment Process

  • Online Test
  • Technical Interview
  • HR Interview

Question : Is HR Round is Compulsory?

Earlier when Wipro NLTH happen Grade A College doesn’t take HR Round,but now it is compulsory for every college to take this round.

Question : How much package is Wipro Offering?

Answer: Wipro is offering INR 3.50 lacs per annum.

Question: Can 2019 passouts Students also give Wipro NLTH Test Paper?

No this is only for Freshers i.e only 2020 passouts students can give wipro NLTH paper

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