Wipro NTH Recruitment Process 2024

Wipro NTH Recruitment Process 2024

Wipro NTH Recruitment Process 2024 For Freshers is given here on this page.

Wipro NTH pattern has been updated this year and all the latest information is here on this page.

Wipro NTH Recruitment Process 2023

Wipro NTH Recruitment Process is divided into following steps:

  • Pre- Placement Talk (Optional)
  • Written Test
    • Quants
    • Logical
    • Verbal
    • Communication Test
    • Coding
  • Interview

Go through the page in detailed to know more about Wipro NTH Recruitment Process.

About Wipro NTH Test

Wipro is hiring for two different roles:

  • Project Engineer: 3.5 LPA
  • Wipro Turbo Engineer: 7 LPA
Total Section (Written Test)5
BacklogOne backlog allowed at the time of Assessment Stage
Percentage Criteria60% or 6.5 cgpa in graduation and 60% in 10 and 12

Recruitment Process for Wipro NTH 2024

Test Pattern of Wipro NTH
Aptitude Test

Divided into three sections Quants, Logical and Verbal. 48 Question/52 minutes

Hiring Pattern for Wipro NTH 2022
Essay Writing

In this round you will be provided one topic with a time limit of 20 minutes

Recruitment Pattern For Freshers Wipro NTH
Coding Round

2 Coding Question and Time is 60 minutes.

Test Pattern and Recruitment Procedure of Wipro NTH
Interview Technical/ HR

Interview Round is divided into 2 parts i.e Technical and HR Round.

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Wipro NTH Test Pattern

Written Test

This is the first round of the Recruitment Process and the difficulty level of this round is Medium.

  • Aptitude Test:-
    • Quants
    • Logical
    • Verbal
  • Essay Writing:-
    • To check Vocabulary
    • One Topic will be assigned
  • Coding:-
    • 2 Question
    • 20 minutes and 40 minutes
  • Each exam requires you to fulfill the section and sub section cutoffs.
  • Do not shut the browser until you have received notification of the assessment’s completion.
SectionNumber of questionsTimeDifficulty
Quantitative Aptitude1616 minsMedium
Logical Reasoning1414 minsHigh
Verbal English2218 minsMedium
Written Communication Test120 minsMedium
Coding260 minsHigh

How to Prepare for Wipro NTH Recruitment Process:-

Difficulty level of Wipro NTH is Medium-High so you need to prepare well for Wipro NTH 2021. PrepInsta recommends that you should go through the points below to prepare for Wipro NTH.

Wipro NTH Recruitment Process 2024

Recruitment Process For Wipro NTH 2023

Pre-Placement Talk

This is an optional round and varies college to college. Mostly this round is a part of On-Campus drive. In this round the HR of Wipro NTH will explain about the different roles, salary and Working Culture of Wipro NTH.

Aptitude Test

The Written Test includes the question and answer part. There are various rounds in the written test. You can browse through the sections and start practicing for the written test.

Wipro NTH Recruitment Process 2023 For Freshers

Essay Writing Test

In this round you 20 minutes will be provided to you and one Topic will be assigned to you. You will have to make sure you not do more than 5 mistakes. Negative Marking will be there so make sure you are writing correct grammar and spellings.

Coding Test

Two Coding Question will be there in this round:

  • Coding Question (General Coding)- 20 min (Ideal Time)
  • Coding Question(DSA) – 40 min (Ideal Time)

Wipro conducts two different interview rounds i.e,

  • Technical Round – includes the technical knowledge and all the basic knowledge that revolves around your specific domain.
  • HR Round –  includes the common generic questions to check your confidence, Leadership quality, Team work and Dedication etc. 

Sometimes puzzles are asked in HR rounds to judge your analytical skills and additionally there may be a Group Discussion round

Wipro - About Company

Wipro Limited is an Indian multinational corporation that provides information technology, consulting and business process services.

  • Industry – Conglomerate
  • Founded – 1945 
  • Founder – M.H Hasham Premji
  • Current CEO – Thierry Delaporte
  • Head Quarters – Bangalore, India
Wipro NTH Recruitment Pattern for Freshers

Wipro NTH Recruitment Process Video

FAQs about Wipro NTH Recruitment Process

How many rounds are there in Wipro NTH?

There are 3 rounds in Wipro NTH. Firstly,  the written rest where your aptitude ability, Written Communication Test and coding ability is tested. Secondly, the technical interview, where your technical knowledge on specific domains goes under test by an industry expert. Thirdly, HR round where they check your general personality.

Is there any sectional cut-off in the Written Test?

Please refer to Wipro NTH syllabus page for information about sectional cut-off. You will find the syllabus page in the left menu.

Which Round is elimination Round in Wipro NTH?

All the rounds are elimination round. If you will not clear the previous round you won’t be able to move for next round. Go to PrepInsta Wipro NTH Dashboard and prepare well for the Wipro NTH Drive.

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