Unity in Diversity – Often Discussed, Rarely Practiced

Essay On - Unity in Diversity - Often Discussed, Rarely Practised

In India, there are 29 states having their own language and culture. But in this diversity, all Indians have unity for their country. Diversity can be of any form, it may be of type religion, caste, sex, and color. In India, we find all kind of diversity. If we look at an organization, they have all kind people from different states, cast, color, and of course language and they all are working together.

Diversity gives us chance to know about other culture, religion, and their festivals. This also helps in business as we can make contacts if we have diversity in an organization. Diversity help people to become more compatible with other. if people are able to adjust and able to become friend with each other then the conflict will never happen.

The main reason why diversity brings conflict is politics. Politics in an organization or in real world brings conflict. Our leaders are the examples. They try to divide the people of different religion during the election so that they get more votes. But if we altogether support diversity and love each other without seeing other’s caste, religion, and color then there is no who can break our unity. This is what we call unity in diversity.

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