Impact of western culture on Indians.

Essay on - Impact of western culture on Indians.

In the last few years, Indian society has shifted due to the threat of western culture. Westernization influences one of the oldest and richest cultures and destroys the rituals, customs and family values that once predominated in traditional Indian society. Modernization entails a transformation of the conviction in how the natural world functions; westernisation includes an alteration in the cosmological perspective on how one can live one’s life. Established by Muslim conquest and European expansion, Indian history starts with the civilization of the Indus Valley. Their society is made up of all nations and backgrounds.

The westernisation of India has had a huge influence on culture, rituals and family values. Today, reverence for everyone has greatly diminished by tossing away the typical Indian people of civilization. The notion of common family is disappearing and families tend to stay apart from each other. In the traditional Indian society, one will take care of the people around him and not only of himself. Even in today’s case, both the husband and the wife are working so that there is no one at home to look after the children. Many times a child is being watched by someone in the family and is not having the rich cultural upbringing that their parents have had. Slowly, all the conventional Indian traditions are slipping out, and everyone is heading towards a more western society.

Even though most people can claim that Indian culture is slowly being forgotten in the present day, I feel that everyone is growing away from their traditional roots. However, I think that everyone always has the features of their ancestors and is interested in their history. Only because a young person today isn’t involved in the same kind of stuff that their parents have been, they will inevitably want to hear about “old days.” In a community where we live today, family matters a lot. They teach and mould us into the people that we will one day become.

An Indian traditionalist would argue that at a young age, Indian people should think about their culture and experience various customs, such as living with your whole family. Indian culture is today one of the oldest and richest cultures in the world. Modernization and westernization are transforming the way people look at the rituals, customs and family values that once dominated traditional Indian culture.However, I think the people of India still remain on to their conventional side by blending into a new, more modern age.