What are the way the IT people to help an uneducated public?

Essay On - What are the way the IT people to help an uneducated Public?

People related to Information Technologies in one way or the other are referred as IT people.These people are considered highly skilled and technology freak, who can easily do their works using prevailing modern technologies, online transactions, internet related jobs without hesitation. But in our country like India, where a large number of people are uneducated it has become really difficult to make initiatives such as cashless India, connecting masses through online banking, linking their adhaar id numbers etc to be successful. Thus, to make the uneducated people participate in these beneficial initiatives, IT people must help them. They can help in following manners

  1. IT people should help the uneducated individuals by providing them with the working knowledge of technologies.
  2. Telling these people how easy, reliable, time-saving and useful it is to use these IT tools.
  3. IT people can help uneducated individuals by telling them the actual use, significance, terminologies used in various online processes.
  4. They can supervise the uneducated individuals and under their guidance, the uneducated people can easily learn various technologies without any training.

Therefore, it can be concluded that uneducated people can be made familiar with the present prevailing modern technologies, only special attention and more care should be given to them as they had to learn these things from the scratch. Thus, IT people or people familiar with various technologies should make some efforts in this direction. All they had to do is make these uneducated masses understand technologies that are build for their ease and help them to start using these technologies for their betterment.It should be presented to these uneducated people in a way that is simple, lucid and easily adaptable. If these steps are followed seriously, every individual will them surely get the benefit and make their life simpler and much easier.