Deloitte Resume Format and Shortlisting Round

Deloitte Resume Format 2024

Deloitte Resume Format for freshers is mentioned on this page. We have detailed all the important steps and information that you need to include in your Resume, to get shortlisted for Deloiite.

What is Deloitte Resume Format?

On successfully completing the registration process, the first round is Shortlisting. On this round, based on the candidate’s Resume and other achievements, they are further shortlisted for the Online Assessment Round. You need to create a resume with accordance to Deloitte’s format, which is the Deloitte Resume Format.

What to include in my Deloitte Resume?

In Deloitte, your resume should give a highlight of your experience and accomplishments. It should include targeted content that is relevant to Deloitte’s Job profile and description. 

You can typically include four sections in the resume:-

  1. Profile Overview
  2. Skills and Achievements
  3. Experience
  4. Education

Note:- Keep your resume one page only.

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How to create your resume for Deloitte?

On successfully registering, the candidate then moves to the Shortlist round. In this round, candidate’s profile is shortlisted based on their resume, achievements and other technical skills. 

Below we have given the perfect resume template for Deloitte.

Deloitte resume format

What to include in Deloitte Resume Format?

Step 1:- Basic Information

  • At the top of your resume, provide all your basic details.
  • This includes:-
    • Your name
    • Contact Information
      • Valid email address
      • Contact Number
      • LinkedIn Profile/Github Profile (Optional)
    • Passport size photograph (Optional)

Step 2:- Summary

  • After the basic information, include a short professional summary.
  • Talk about your strengths and career objectives.

Step 3:- Skills

  • Include your skills in a separate section.
  • Here you can mention technical skills, behavioral skills, and your core competencies.
  • Example:-
    • Technical Skills include C, C++, Java, etc.
    • Behavioral Skills include leadership skills, team player, etc.

Step 4:- Educational Details

  • Include your educational details in a separate section.
  • Here you can add your educational and other academic qualifications.
  • You can also include relevant credentials like CGPA.
  • It is best to present this in a list or tabular form in chronological order i.e., newest first, along with college name and CGPA.

Step 5:- Other Accomplishments

  • Here you can include other important information like, positions of responsibility held, certifications, projects and any other relevant details.
  • You can list out the responsibilities you have carried on.
  • List your recent achievements and accomplishments.
  • If you are undertaking or completed any upskilling or certification course, you can mention along with the certificate link.

Step 6:- Miscellaneous

  • You can add optional miscellaneous  details like languages known, hobbies, etc. 

Find the editable Deloitte Resume link here. You can copy the doc and edit it to make the perfect resume for Deloitte.

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Resume Format for Deloitte:-

Make your resume format standout in Deloitte, by applying the following steps:-

  • Formatting:- 
    • use bullets and numbers
    • avoid huge text paragraphs
    • keep your resume clean
    • use a readable format
    • avoid using any fancy font
    • keep the background color white
  • Keywords:-
    • use relevant ATS friendly keywords 
    • headline each section like education, technical skills, etc.
    • tailor your resume i accordance with the job description
  • Summary:-
    • add a professional summary
    • keep it short and summarize important and relevant points about 
    • avoid using generic words
  • Additional:-
    • add any awards you won
    • add any notable achievements
    • add volunteer work

3 Deloitte Free Resume Templates

Check out these free resume samples that you can use for Deloitte.

Chronological Resume
Skill Based Resume
Combination Resume

Check out Resume Preparation Dashboard

For more additional details, check out our resume preparation dashboard. We have covered, each and every detail for creating resume on that page.

Deloitte Resume Format FAQs

How do I shortlist my resume in Deloitte?


It is difficult to shortlist your resume in Deloitte. You need to include all the important fields in your resume. Check this page for all details.

What does Deloitte look for in the resume?


Candidates who have the required technical skills and behavioral skills that are necessary to work in Deloitte.

How will Deloitte Shortlist my Resume?


Deloitte will use ATS to scan your resume and to shortlist your profile. Follow the instructions mentioned on this page to know how to create the perfect Deloitte Resume Format.

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