HashedIn By Deloitte Coding Questions with Answers

HashedIn By Deloitte Coding Questions with Answers 2024

HashedIn By Deloitte Coding Questions with Solutions are asked at the time of Online Test/Technical Assessment of HashedIn By Deloitte. The level of questions asked is quiet high.

The page contains a to-do list in order to prepare for Technical Assessment. You’ll also get information about roles and responsibilities, eligibility criteria and salary for the position of Software Engineering Associate (Internship) and Software Engineer – I (Based on the performance) in HashedIn.

HashedIn By Deloitte Coding Question

About HashedIn By Deloitte

They promote unconventional thinking at HashedIn by Deloitte. But, this does not imply that the only technological skills available to their employees are those. They work to create a workplace of the future that simultaneously values teamwork and individual contributions.

HashedIn always encourage the employees to develop future capabilities and construct what’s next. And they are honoured to work for a company that is known as a leader in attracting great personnel.

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HashedIn By Deloitte Recruitment Process

Here we have mentioned detailed recruitment process of HashedIn by Deloitte to recruit candistes for the designation of Software Engineering Associate (Internship) and later on Software Engineer – I (Based on the performance).

  • PPT Presentation
  • Online Test
  • Technical Interview 1/ 2/3 (Based on the interview performance)
  • HR (Human Resources) Interview
  • Offer Confirmation

Eligibility Criteria - HashedIn By Deloitte

  • Simple average aggregate of 65% or above throughout in academics or 6.5 CGPA overall
  • B.E/ B.Tech/ M.E/ M.Tech/ M.Sc/ MCA (CSE and aligned branches only
  • No active backlogs

Technical Assessment/ Online Test

Round 1: Online Coding Exam.

  • There are three coding questions on it.
  • The two questions are often classified as easy or medium.
  • And one question qualifies as difficult.
HashedIn By DeloitteNumber of QuestionsTimeDiifficulty
Coding390 minsMedium – Hard

After Online Assessment

  1. Technical Interview Round 1 – 1-1.5 hours
  2. Technical Interview Round 2 – 1-1.5 hours
  3. Technical Interview Round 3 (Optional) – 1-1.5 hours
  4. HR Interview

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Salary at HashedIn By Deloitte

  • Stipend during Internship: INR 25,000 per month
  • CTC Post Conversion: INR 8,10,000 LPA

HashedIn By Deloitte Coding Questions with Answers

QUESTION 01: Copycat in exam

Problem Statement: Rahul copies in the exam from his adjacent students. But he doesn’t want to be caught, so he changes words keeping the letter constant. That means he interchanges the positions of letters in words. You are the examiner and you have to find if he has copied a certain word from the one adjacent student who is giving the same exam, and give Rahul the markings he deserves.
Note that: Uppercase and lowercase are the same.

Input Format:

  • First line with the adjacent student’s word
  • Second line with Rahul’s word

Output Format:

  • 0 if not copied
  • 1 if copied
  • Constraints:
  • 1<=Length of string<=10^6

Sample Input:

  • CAR
  • Acr

Sample Output:

  • 1

Question 02: Array Subarray

Problem Statement: You are given an array, You have to choose a contiguous subarray of length ‘k’, and find the minimum of that segment, return the maximum of those minimums.

Sample input :

  • 1 → Length of segment x =1
  • 5 → size of space n = 5
  • 1 → space = [ 1,2,3,1,2]
  • 2
  • 3
  • 1
  • 2

Sample output :

  • 3

Explanation :

  • The subarrays of size x = 1 are [1],[2],[3],[1], and [2],Because each subarray only contains 1 element, each value is minimal with respect to the subarray it is in. The maximum of these values is 3. Therefore, the answer is 3

Question 03: Trapezium pattern

Anirudh is attending an astronomy lecture. His professor who is very strict asks students to
Write a program to print the trapezium pattern using stars and dots as shown below . Since Anirudh is not good at astronomy can you help him?

Sample Input:

  • N = 3



QUESTION 04: Formatting large Products

Problem Statement: Rohan is weak in mathematics.He is giving mathematics  Olympiad , but he got stuck in one of the question .Help rohan to solve the question.In Question there are two positive integer A and B. You have to find the product of all integer between A and B which is represented in the form C=D*10^E , where  C is the product of numbers , D and E are non-negative integers and the last digit of D is non-zero.

Function Description 

  • Complete the function formatProducts in the editor below, formatProduct must return a string that represents C in the above described form.
  • Function has the following parameters
  • A: an integer
  • B: an integer


  •    A will between 1 and 1,000,000 . Inclusive.
  •    B will be between A and 1,000,000. Inclusive.

Sample Input 0 

  • 1
  • 5

Sample Output 0

  • 12 * 10^1


  • 1*2*3*4*5=120 = 12 * 10^1

Sample Input 1

  • 3
  • 10

Sample Output 1

  • 18144 * 10^2


  • 3*4*….*10=1814400 =18144 * 10^2

Question 05: Password Creation

Problem Statement: A password manager wants to create new passwords using two strings given by the user, then combined to create a harder-to- guess combination. Given two strings,interleave the characters of the strings to create a new string. Beginning with an empty string, alternately append a character from string a and from string b. If one of the strings is exhausted before the other, append the remaining letters from the other
string all at once. The result is the new password.

Example :

  • If a = ‘hackerrank’ and b = ‘mountain’,
  • The result is hmaocuknetrariannk.

Function Description :

  • Complete the function newPassword in the editor below.


  • Str : string a
  • Str : string b
  • Returns:
  • Str: new password using two strings

Sample input:

  • abc → a=”abc”
  • def → b=”def”

Sample output 0:

  • Adbecf

FAQ's Related to HashedIn By Deloitte Coding Questions

Question 1: What does HashedIn really do?

HashedIn specializes in building custom software solutions for clients in various industries, including healthcare, finance, retail, and hospitality. Their services include product ideation, development, and deployment, as well as cloud migration, DevOps consulting, and user experience design.

Question 2: How many technical rounds are there in HashedIn Recruitment process?

A minimum of 2 rounds of Technical interviews is conducted by HashedIn for recruiting the freshers after conducting a Coding Round of 90 Minutes on the Codility Coding Platform.

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