HackWithInfy Interview Questions 2023

Interview Questions for HackWithInfy 2023

HackWithInfy Interview Pattern is not specific. It always changes from year to year. Since its launch in the year 2018 HackWithInfy have given the wings to the most talented coders of the country to have a flight of their passion.

You will not find anything related to HackWithInfy Interview Questions for Freshers 2023, most of the websites will either provide HR Questions or technical questions and even these questions are not from HackWithInfy Interview, they just put some random questions on their pages.

Here on this page you will get all the actual questions which were asked in HackWithInfy from our students in the year 2018,2019 and 2020 as well.

On this page you will find the following –

  • HackWithInfy Technical Interview Questions (Coding  Specific)
  • HackWithInfy HR Interview Round Questions
HackwithInfy Interview Questions 2020

HackWithInfy 2023 Question Analytics

Interview Questions for Freshers in HackwithInfy Percentage Duration Spent for section Difficulty Level Most asked Question
C 10 Medium What is pre-processor in C?
OOPS (C++/Java) 30 Hard Difference between Procedural and OOPS Language
Coding 30 Medium Factorial of number by Recursion
Projects 10 Easy Draw Circuit Diagram of project and explain each unit in detail

HackWithInfy 2023 Challenge Pattern

HackWithInfy RoundsNo. of questions in test Time AllottedDifficulty
Round 133 HoursHigh
Round 2148 HoursHigh

HackWithInfy 2023 Additional Information

HackWithInfy RoundsAdditional Infotmation
Round 1
  • Candidates who will solve all the 3 coding questions on HackerRank platform will proceed to the next Round that is Round 2.
Round 2
  • 3 Questions will again be asked in this round and top 100 students qualifying in this round will be going forward to the next round.
  • Students who will be able to solve 2 questions will be going for the interview round for System Engineer Specialist and Power Programmer.
Round 3
  • This round will be based on HacerEarth platform and only top 100 qualified students from round 2 will be able to take part in it.
  • The winner of this round will get a prize money of RS 2 Lakhs. The first runner up and second runner up will get Rs 1 lakhs and Rs 50k respectively.

The above tables describes the three rounds of HackWithInfy that are held prior to the interview round. For HackWithInfy there is no particular eligibility criteria. The basic criteria is

  • Should be a 2023 passout
  • Should be persuing B.E/ B.Tech; M.E/M.Tech
  • Should Know High Level Coding

HackwithInfy Interview Round consists of  2 Rounds.

  • Technical Interview Round
  • HR Interview Round

Syllabus for Technical Interview Round

  • C/OOPS/ C++ or Java
  • Coding Questions
  • OS/CN/Software Engineering/DBMS
  • Project specific theory from Resume

To be a little more specific.

  • Dynamic Programming
  • Greedy Algorithms
  • Backtracking
  • Stack
  • Queue
  • Mapping Concepts
  • Array manipulation
  • String manipulation
  • Tree
  • Graph
  • Bit Mapping and Hashing
  • Recursion and Heap
  • Divide and Conquer


HackWithInfy HR Interview Dashboard

As HackWithInfy is conducted by Infosys therefore Infosys rules out a lot of people in the first 2  rounds, unlike many companies where if you clear the technical round 95% probability is that you’re selected.

But, not in HackwithInfy, they rule about 40-50% people in the Preliminary Rounds .

On this dashboard you will find the most asked HR interview Questions asked in HackWithInfy.

HackwithInfy HR Interview Questions 2020

HackwithInfy Technical Interview Dashboard

On this dashboard you will find Technical questions asked by Infosys in first round of interview.

For CS/IT branches

  1. Approx 40% time for C/OOPS/ C++ or Java
  2. 30% time for Coding questions(Find Coding Dashboard below)
  3. 20% time Core CS subjects like CN/DBMS/Software Engineering
  4. 10% time for final year Project based questions

HackWithInfy Interview Experience

  • Name – Arif
  • College – Sri Jayachamarajendra College of Engineering, Mysore
  • Date of Interview – 7th December
  • Branch – CS

As I have applied at Infosys through InfyTQ, I Had to take an online quiz consisting of MCQ on DBMS, Python(Data Structures using Python, Object-Oriented using Python ) and a section of Hands-On Coding(2 Questions). Candidates who cleared the examination with 65% or more were eligible for an on-spot interview. I have cleared it with 80%.

I joined the PrepInsta Telegram Group in October where I get all the important drive updates of all the company. From Prepinsta Telegram Group, I came to know about the Infytq exam on time. I got abundant time, resources, and tips to prepare for my Infytq exam.

Prepinsta Telegram Group 2023 – https://www.prepinsta.com/telegram

I give all my credit for this to PrepInsta because of them I was able to clear this round with a good percentage and I recommend you to study from this website and also their online class is very good, it will surely help you

Prepinsta Online Class  —– I bought Online Class from this page for my exam preparations.

Interview Process

I was notified by Infosys regarding the InfyTq Upgrade Test exam timing and other details before the exam through the mail.

The First round was a simple HackerRank Exam for 3 Hours and we were given 3 questions to solve.

There were 3 rounds in Hack With Infy Test:-

  1. Round 1 – Online Contest
  2. Round 2 – Online Contest (level hard than the first round)
  3. Round 3– Grand Finale a 24-hour hackathon at Infosys Campus

Round 1 Coding Test

Out of the three questions, the first one was easy, the last two were of moderate-high Difficulty.

You should have good knowledge of Backtracking and Dynamic Programming to solve them. 

I remember some of the questions which were as follows: –

  • There was a cricket team where every day a player goes missing. Identify the missing players given the shirt numbers of the players for k days.
  • What Do you mean by Object-Relational DBMS?
  • What is Database Schema?
  • What is the difference between the foreign key and the reference key?

Round 2 Coding Test:

  • There were also 3 questions in the second round.
  • There were 2 roles based on the questions you have attempted. 
  1. Role 1: System Engineer Specialist
  2. Role 2: Power Programmer Role

Important Note: 

  • Candidates who solved more than 2 Questions were eligible for the Power Programmer Role.
  • I solved one and a half questions and later received a mail from Infosys that I was eligible for System Engineer Specialist Role Interview.

Round 3: 24 hours hackathon round

  • I appeared in the final round. I went to give a 24 hrs hackathon at the venue decided by Infosys.
  • The difficulty level of the paper was very high.

Luckily, I cleared the final round of Infosys Hack with Infy Drive and got a chance to appear for Infosys Interview.

Interview Round After Clearing all 3 rounds

I attended the final interview where I was asked questions mostly on my projects. Some of the questions are as follows:

  1. Explain About Your projects
  2. What are the requirements of your projects
  3. Explain about KNN(as I have mentioned Machine Learning in my resume)
  4. What do you know about java?
  5. How do you sort a linked list (Not By Swapping their values)
  6. Prime Number Program with low time complexity
  7. Explain about Incremental Model(Software Engineering)
  8. Explain about the Software Development Life Cycle?
  9. Why do you want to join Infosys?

and Other basic HR Questions.

I answered each and every question confidently, I was getting the feeling that I will be selected and finally that day arrived after around 1 week and I got the mail from the Infosys about my selection and I felt very nice and I was the happiest person at that time.

Note – This interview experience is based on the last year pattern of HackWithInfy. There is a change in pattern for 2023 graduates.