Keys in DBMS

Keys in DBMS

What are Keys in DBMS? 

Keys are an essential component of a relational database; they are used to establish and discover relationships between tables, as well as to uniquely identify any file or row of information within a table. 

In this article , we will learn about Keys in DBMS.

Keys in DBMS?

Keys Identify any given tuple or record uniquely and also provide necessary functionality between various tables, in sql there are various types of keys, some of which are –

  • Primary Key
  • Foreign Key
  • Candidate Key
  • Super Key
  • Alternate Key
  • Composite Key

We also use keys as they surely help us in enforcing identity & integrity in the relationship.

Let’s have a look further to understand how each of them work –

Keys in DBMS

How Keys in DBMS work

For an explanation of how each of the keys is working, we will take the help of the following tables –

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5 Jamie 9988776655 24

Course Table

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