What is Digital Specialist Engineer (DSE)

Infosys is recruiting for Digital Specialist Engineer(DSE) role this year. Earlier this profile is used to be called as System Engineer Specialist(SES).

A DSE is a technical role that requires full-stack capabilities and skills like:-

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Automation
  • Analytics
  • Big Data
  • Digital Commerce Interaction, etc;

The Pattern of exam is different from System Engineer Role as compared to Digital Specialist Engineer Role.

  • There will be 3 questions in 180 mins.

What a Digital Specialist Engineer Do?

  • Digital Specialist Engineer works on different projects across Infosys Business Unit to develop integrated applications and bring agility in development with DevSecOps culture.
  • The Package for Digital Specialist Engineer(DSE) 6.25 LPA

For SP (Specialist Programmer) : 9.5 LPA

How To Get DSE Role in Infosys

If you want to apply for Infosys DSE Role, you can give HackwithInfy Test or Simple Infosys Online Test for SP and DSE Role(It’s is conducted by Infosys separately sometimes).

The test for DSE and SP role is also known as advance test as the package is high for this profile.

Exam Pattern
for DSE Role
Online TestCoding Test
No of Ques3 Questions
Types of Ques1 Easy + 1 Medium + 1 Hard

How To Prepare for Infosys DSE Role?

You need to focus on Data Structures Concepts as you will encounter questions based on Simple Concept based data structures, Greedy Algorithm, Dynamic Programming problems.

  • Dynamic Programming
  • Greedy Algorithms
  • Backtracking
  • Tree
  • Graph
  • Mapping Concepts
  • Array manipulation
  • String manipulation
  • Stack
  • Queue
  • Bit Mapping and Hashing
  • Recursion and Heap
  • Divide and Conquer

Eligibility Criteria for DSE

Year of passing
Job Role:-
Candidates will get Pre-placement opportunities for Specialist Programmer and Digital Specialist Engineer roles at Infosys
Opportunity: :-
Their will be opportunity for candidates explore their passion for programming, and an opportunity to compete and earn a chance to work with Infosys.
Regisrtration Fee:-
There is no Regisrtration fees for the exam

Additional Information (FAQ's)

What is the exam pattern for DSE Role?

There will be only 3 coding questions of different difficulty that you have to complete in 180 mins.

Is there any registration fee?

No, there is no registration fee for participation. Infosys does not charge any fee at any stage of the competition.

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  • vishal

    I Solve problem 2,100percent and problem 1,10percent there is any chance I am selected for this role?2022 paper was tuff