TCS Logical Ability Questions and Answers 2022

TCS Logical Papers 2022

Number of Question

30 questions

Time Duration

50 minutes




1 Mark per Question

TCS Logical Curriculum

TCS Logical Ability Question and Answer 2021

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TCS Logical Questions 2022

Appearing for my dream job in TCS has been full of ups and downs. Due to Covid and lockdown, my exam was online on their own platform TCS iON and also interviews were held online via Cisco Webex. Giving some details regarding my selection process for you to prepare for your turn next.

TCS NQT Online Exam:

Date held: 24th - 27th October 2020 (they had to reschedule some exams due to compiler issues on platform and server errors because of which then extended up to 29th October)
Platform: TCS iON
Slots: 3
Time: 8 am - 11 am, 12 pm to 3 pm, 5 pm to 8 pm
Difficulty - Medium to High

So for getting hired in TCS ( digital or Ninja) you have to first appear for their NQT level exam. This exam had 3 phases:

Online Written Assessment
Advanced Coding ( I was selected for digital)
Interview Round

Online Written Test

I appeared on 26th October 2020 in the first slot. The Online exam was held through their TCS iON platform. However this time it was too difficult to cope up with their faulty mechanism. Many students faced issues with their system (server issue/system glitch) during the ongoing test.

So, their online test was divided into 5 sections, with a total of 92 questions within a time limit of 180 minutes (divided section-wise).

The aptitude section apparently needed more time than that was allotted because the questions ranged from medium to high difficulty. This time TCS discontinued the use of pen and paper as rough work and provided an on-screen calculator and notepad instead which became difficult to use. So, it took more time to solve all of them. But I solved them in time. Some of the topics that had the most questions were:

  1. Speed, time, and distance
  2. Algebra
  3. Profit and loss
  4. Ages
  5. Ratio and proportion

Some questions that I remember are:
In how many ways X gives Rs 500 to Y using only Rs 100 and Rs 20 notes, with the condition that she has only 16 notes of Rs 20, and being asked to use the notes of both the denominations?
A retailer has fixed the List Price of an article at 20% above the cost price. If he offers a discount of Rs 2 for a purchase of Rs 40, what is his gain or loss percentage?
Other questions PrepInstas uploaded them on their website immediately after the exam was over so check them there.

  • Verbal -
  • Total questions: 24
  • Total time: 30 minutes

For verbal, I had to prepare it thoroughly because I am not that good with grammar. So I practiced some sample papers online. While doing so I came across some study materials on PrepInsta and so I started preparing for my verbal from there. They have some really good theoretical lessons for verbal and other sections. Must check them out.

From the verbal section, the topics that you really need to invest some time are:

  1. Reading Comprehension
  2. Selecting words
  3. Error Identification
  4. Comprehension Ordering
  5. Cloze Test
  6. Synonym and Antonym
  • Logical -
  • Total Questions: 30
  • Total Time: 50 minutes

The Logical section took some time to complete because we couldn’t use pen and paper to relate and here the 50 minutes came in handy. I found a couple of questions from various topics that came for the test and so they fall into my ‘most important’ category.

  1. Seating Arrangement
  2. Coding-Decoding
  3. Directional Sense
  4. Mathematical Operational Arrangement
  5. Symbols and Notations
  6. Blood Relations
  • Programming CMCQ
  • Total Questions: 10
  • Total Time: 15 minutes

My coding is quite strong and so this section was quite easy. We got questions from the topics that I have mentioned below:

  1. Data structures
  2. OOPs
  3. Java
  4. SDLC
  5. C/C++

There were rarely any tricky questions. 1-2 input/output questions were a must. I compared all other slots also, and it was the same there too.

  1. What is the function of rewind()?
  2. float(*p)[5];
    Here , p is______________.
  • Coding -
  • Total Questions: 2
  • Total Time: 15 + 30 minutes

For the coding section, there was a compiler issue that concerned every student. I had coded my answer in C++ language and all my test cases matched after a lot of struggle. Their system glitch got over our nerves this time. This section went quite well too and I was happy with my attempt.

This time the results came in too late. Just like their system glitch in exams they had some of it on their result site too. I got my result in December after a long wait and I passed with a good score. ( above 80%) so I could appear for digital.

Round 2 (Advanced Coding)

After a few days, I got a call from TCS that I was allowed to sit for Advanced Programming Round. This was Round 2 which was preliminary to the Interview Rounds.

  • Total no. of questions: 2 questions
  • Time allotted: 60 minutes

I could solve both of them because I did go through a lot of coding questions and samples from PrepInsta.

Interview Round

My interview was again scheduled online due to the prevailing covid situation. It had three rounds,

  1. The Technical,
  2. The Manager,
  3. HR

Technical Round

I got the call at 11 in the morning. The HR introduced himself and his team and I was directed towards the technical interview within a minute. The interviewer was in his mid 30’s and started a discussion.

He asked me the following questions:

  1. My areas of interest to which I answered “I know C++ and C programming language, I can work through databases”
  2. Explain the backtracking algorithm which I explained with examples.
  3. Give examples of compile-time and run-time exceptions.
  4. What is the use of GitHub?
  5. What is JSON format?
  6. What is Big Data Analytics?
  7. Difference between JDK and JRE.
  8. Write a query to get the 3rd largest salary from a table.

The questions which I couldn’t figure out I just answered that I did not know

Managerial Round

Completing the TR round, it was the Managerial Round next on the list.

  • I was asked about my project which I did in my specialization.
  • He also asked me about my Leadership skills and my team management skills that i mentioned on my resume
  • He asked me some tricky situational questions too which I answered with caution. You will get some of the answers on PrepInsta’s interview preparation site. They have answered all of them approximately.

HR Round

After half an hour I was told that I cleared the Managerial round and now it was time for the HR Round, the last one. This round was more about myself where the HR head wanted to know more about me and my student life.

HR asked me 2 questions:

  • If I was willing to relocate or not,
  • If I could work in night shifts to which I answered Yes

I was also asked a single puzzle question which was:

I had prepared this answer from Prepinsta’s Puzzle question dashboard and so I was confident enough to answer it well. And then I was instructed to hang up.

The overall online experience this time wasn’t too good because of the inefficiency on the company’s end. They have also scheduled another NQT exam in Jan 2021 (most probably). So if you are looking forward to it, you better start prepping up for it. I’d suggest you enroll yourself in Prepinsta’s Placement Cell Course. It’ll help you out a lot overall.