Do Deadlines Enhance or Destroy Creativity?

Are deadlines destroying creativity?

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  • Deadlines are destroying creativity

  • Deadlines are enhancing creativity

do deadlines destroy creativity essay

Extempore Topic: Do deadlines enhance or destroy creativity?

About the Topic:-

Deadlines are the end of task date that is provided to an employee by their employer/client. They need to deliver the end product on or before this deadline. Some individuals find it difficult to work under deadlines as it curbs their creativity. Whiles some thrive under the pressure of deadlines. 

Deadlines are destroying creativity:-

  • With the pressure of deadlines, people feel rushed as they have to complete the work within a fixed period. This leads to a decline in creativity as the deadline limits the approaches one can take to get the outcome.
  • A particular task can be accomplished in various ways. And more often than not the best outcome is the result of a long process. However, with deadlines, this approach is difficult because there is a set time to complete the task.
  • Deadlines lead to a low-quality outcome.
  • Many people get stressed under deadlines and are unable to work efficiently.
  • Most creative individuals feel burnout and unmotivated when put on a deadline.

Creativity needs time, it is impossible to put out creative ideas when put on a time limit. The constant reminder of deadlines makes it difficult to think freely and experiment with new ideas. This in turn limits creativity, as people start looking for quicker ways to finish tasks. This also lowers the quality of work.

Deadlines are enhancing creativity:-

  • Deadlines give us a push to finish the task on time.
  • With a time limit, we are forced to look for a faster approach to finish the task. This is also a creative skill.
  • Without a deadline, people start experimenting with new approaches. This will lead to a delay in the completion of the projects.
  • Deadlines help us learn and improve our time management skills.


Many creative minds thrive under deadlines. The pressure of finishing the task on time leads them to take unique approaches and execute the task accordingly.

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